Life’s Watching!

Well-taken care of, are you?! Certainly, there must be someone want to talk to you. We do! Thank you for coming to our world; especially people from the US, Mexico, India, New Zealand, Philippines, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Taiwan 😉

You hear expressions all the time, my dear 1Zumba friend, don’t you? Some of them are Image result for NASAfamiliar to you, coz they are constantly repeated within your circle; while others could be new to you, particularly when they come to you from an outsiders.

For example, if you, one day visited NASA, you’d hear people there are using certain jargon, some of which you’ve never heard before. Oh! It’s not only NASA, it is any institution, store chain, small take away place, or any environment that you’ve never been exposed to before.

Another example, to make it more explainable, when you take a cruise for few days, Image result for cruise with peoplewhere you spend your days and nights with totally new people-strangers- to you, along with a crew who have their own terminology, being in sea travel business.

My neighbor, Grechinka, told our group yesterday, that during her cruise to Western Caribbean, she met that funny guy, who told her many incidents that had happened to him, while working on that ship. 

Image result for cruise with peopleCustomer: “I have a question. Do you all live on the ship?”

(This is a very common question which we’re slightly fed up with answering, so I decide to have some fun.)

Me: “No, we all get flown in every day by helicopter.”

Customer: “Really?”

Me: “Oh, yes! First class!”

(I later found out that the customer had complained about the noise from the “helicopters” Image result for cruise with peoplekeeping him awake at night!)

She kept telling us unbelievable stories, and we couldn’t stop laughing out loud.

Her sister commented that there was a bartender, who was so queer in his answers to people, but that many of them were asking the most strange questions you could ever imagine. She said that Image result for cruise with peopleone lady-guest asked him, if the stairs were taking her up and down, or not.

He answered her very seriously: “No Mam! Once you got up, you wouldn’t be able to get down again, they move the stairs”.  Haha! Then, that guest asked him again: “Are you sure, so how could I get down here again if I wanted to?” 😆

Many people fear the sea, and many more fear the flights, but if you have to, what are you gonna do? Once in a while, there will be a trip that you need to make.

True! Life is watching!

There’s more, but after a short bread, we’ll say more. Hugs & kisses ❤


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