Hiring Laughs!

You’ll have to keep it going on, for that’s the only thing you have that would never go down, only up! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, India, South Africa, and Switzerland! 😉

Karina sent you some jokes for a little bit of a laugh! I hope it works; you all need it!

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Then our new friend, Erik, shared those pictures as well:

Image result for unemployment jokesImage result for unemployment jokes







Life is getting hard on people who are recently terminated from their jobs. That goes for Sears, Kmart, OSH, and JCPenny. But the question is: would this be the end of it? No, there will be more.

SeaBear Smokehouse

In the meantime, there are other companies who are recruiting all the time, and on the top of all of them Amazon. It is hiring inside the States and outside the States too, globally. They do hire people from India, Pakistan, Philippines, and others. The only problem is the language and the miscommunication over the phone with the employees who are from other countries.

SeaBear Chowder & Soups

But still it’s a good door for many people from the US to apply. Employees from here would be more eligible since they do understand the culture and the language, and it will never be enough. The company is crazily expanding. Just get ready for an interview and acquaint yourself with what they do and how they do it.


Qatar Airways

Until we chat again, get ready for Autumn, expect more from our topics, and get your real inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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