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Best Seasonal Jobs For Some Extra Cash

Temporary and seasonal jobs are excellent ways to earn some cash without the inflexible hours and long-term commitment. Ranging from photographer to holiday gift wrapper, these interim jobs can be tailored to your interests and will give you the experience and freedom to set your own rates and hours.

Away with contracts and inflexibility! Your seasonal job is waiting. 

Holiday Season

Halloween Store Associate

Dressing up is fun. Working at a Halloween stores allows you limitless access to costumes while you help out customers with the perfect costume for Halloween.

Holiday Party Photographer

Avid instagrammer? Fancy camera? Stop whatever you’re doing and become a holiday party photographer. Bonus points if you can edit the pictures into masterpieces!

Retail Sales Associate

They can multitask like crazy! From handling customer service to marketing items to logistics, they learn the basics of business from firsthand experience.

Characters and Entertainers

Always wanted to become a Disney character? Take pictures with families and make kids laugh as they meet their favorite characters in real life.

Event Planning

The holidays are a chaotic mess filled with people and events. If you can handle multi-tasking, logistics, and details, become an event planner and make holiday events flow with ease!


All occasions call for fundraising! It’s perfect for a foot in the door for marketing and helps you hone your people skills.

Holiday Gift Wrapper

Giddy for the gift-giving season? Knack for accuracy and tidiness? Consider becoming a gift wrapper! They are the reason for that picture-perfect instagrammable photo of presents under the tree.


School Semester

After School Tutor

Math whiz? Essayist? Whatever your skillset is, there’s someone in need of your expertise. It’s a great way to earn some pocket money and best of all: you set the hours and rate.

SAT Prep Tutor

Remember those grueling hours of cramming and never-ending stress during SAT season? If you have tips and tricks up your sleeve on how to ace the test, help out a stressed out high school senior!

Sports Team Coach

Played competitively on a sports team? Inspire youngsters and coach them in the same passion! A few hours on weekends and weekdays is all that’s needed. Plus, it’s super rewarding to get that win.

Substitute Teacher

This job is the stepping stone towards becoming a teacher. Whenever teachers are sick, substitute teachers come to the rescue.

1Z- more jobs

Ski / Snowboard Instructor

Families and vacationers will be stopping at ski resorts for some hot chocolate and snowboarding fun. What’s better than teaching what you love and helping families make memorable moments last?

Chairlift Operator

With the glistening snow in the backdrop, operating the chairlift will be worth the easy money and snow-kissed scenery.

Ice Skating Rink Crew

Skate all you want and get paid for it! The only thing you need to do is to assist people in basic skating skills and testing the rink. Guaranteed to be the first person on the newly smoothed ice!


Overnight Camp Counselor

Nostalgic for childhood and nature? Overnight camp counselors get to enjoy everything about camping as a kid while choosing the activities as well! Bring along a tent, sleeping bags, and some s’mores as you indulge in overnight fun with campers and counselors alike.

Day Camp Counselor

Enjoy planning field day for kids? Day camp counselors make the most of camp with fun stories, activities, and camping rituals! Camp ends fairly early, so it leaves the evening free for you.

Swim Instructor

Teach the necessity of survival in the waters. If you got the techniques down and enjoy swimming, teach kids how to swim. It has flexible hours and keeps you cool in the hot summer heat.Golf Caddy

Carry some bags and engage in some light conversation. What more could the summer bring besides extra cash to keep golfers company?

Ice Cream Scooper

Don’t fret! Ice cream scooper may seem like a boring job, but you get to meet a wide array of people and hear about their day. Free ice cream is always the cherry on top of an ice cream sundaeSummer Intern

Bright-eyed college students, listen up! Confused about your major and future career goals? Don’t stress, just intern! It’s a great way to gain exposure to potential fields and learn the ropes before you start a new career.


The movies always portray lifeguards chilling on their chairs and tanning away, but being a lifeguard requires attention, alertness, and a quick response. They save the day with fast swimming skills and CPR!

Tennis Coach

Love tennis? Don’t let your passion go to waste! Pick up that racket and pass on your knowledge of techniques and tactics to other tennis fanatics.

 Summer School Teacher

The long school days are cut short in the summer, so it’s great if you want to teach without spending your whole summer in the classroom. Get a sneak peak at the everyday life of a teacher without the long hours and commitment. The kids will hate going to school in the summer, but you can make their learning fun!

Bike Tour Guide

Get paid to stay healthy and explore nature. Lead a tour of bikers through the trails and watch as they soak in the glory of motivation to exercise. It’s the perfect dose of healthy living and people skills.

Food Tour Guide

Calling all foodies! Know all the best spots for desserts, late-night snacks, and all food indulgences? Share your knowledge with the rest of the town.

Landscaper / Gardener

The fate of our lawns lies in the hands of landscapers. Not only are they creative, but extremely talented. Keeping plants alive while creating art with them is a feat!

Amusement Park Worker

Who doesn’t love roller coasters, hot dogs, and summer? Working at an amusement park means you can score some free food and rides. It’s a simple job for those who have some extra time leftover in the summer.

Face Magic
Prather Ranch Meat Co.
Pappy’s Grill / Cornerstone
Mariposa Gardening & Design
AG Ferrari Foods
Adventure Day Camp
AYA Salon & Spa
Agave Uptown Mexican Restaurant
diPietro Todd Salon
Looking Glass Photo and Camera
Berkeley Youth Living With Disabilities
Niles Pie Company
Bauman College
Bauman College
Nippon European Motors
Cosmo Spa Lounge
East Bay Zoological Society
Cafe Jolie
Spice Monkey
Pacific Coast Brewing Co.


International Orange
Books Inc. – Compass Books
No Starch Press
Hamilton Family Center
Blue Dog
Le Beau Market
Friday Consulting
Compassionate Health Options

Thank you for being with us. I hope that this post would answer all the questions related to finding jobs in the Bay area, whether in summer time, or all the year around.

Dear, 1Zumba friend, I miss you, and nothing more I can say. Wishing to chat with you soon. Until we meet again, here’s my kisses ❤

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