No More Lies?!

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Is there a trustworthy way to detect a lie? Most of us heard about the polygraph test, which is also known as a l”ie-detector test”. I think, we have seen it in many movies over the years, and how the criminals or the well-trained spies were capable of deceiving that machine, or how the machine mistakenly accused an innocent one of being a liar. 😛

The polygraph was invented in 1921 by John Larson, a medical student at the University of California at Berkeley and a Berkeley police officer. ( Source.) Ironically, the original purpose of the instrument was to make police officers more law-abiding.

In this test, what is measured is the slight increases of sweating through the wires which are attached to the person’s arms, fingers, or somewhere to the body. Other body vital signs of the body are being sensed as well by the machine such as  the pulse rate, the blood pressure, and the breathing depth.

However, factors such as consuming alcohol, or hunger could cause a lot of wrong results, and that is why this test is invalid, or at least unreliable as far as the authorities concerned.

Other technology has been advanced to solve this issue, one of them was the ECG (the electroencephalograph). It is supposed to be another way of detecting lies, since it was built on a serious fact that happens in the brain, which $28.99 is it sick that I really want this. How fun would it be to play this with your hubby.cannot not be controlled by any person. It is a certain brain wave that can graph whenever we see something we recognize. It’s impossible for us to suppress the surge.

Simply speaking the brain immediately spikes when it recognizes any picture for a crime that was committed. Nevertheless, there has been even more recent new kind of detectors, which measure some very brief hesitation when a person starts lying.

I think now the Apps are capable of detecting a lie, why not? It’s all a matter of programming and a wire? But the subject here, who is going to use these kinds of detectors, and how they are to be regulated? In other words, can any company use it? Can any wife use it? Can a mother use it with her adult children? To what extent these lie detectors  can be used? Would that prevent people from lying?

Millions of questions of course arise! 🙄

Until we talk more about this new topic, keep checking on our list, you would be amazed of the variety we have for you. Hugs & kisses <


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