You and I are may be among few smart messengers on Earth; our trade is brain jewels! Think about it, but let’s first say hello and welcome our friends and readers from the US, Mexico, India, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, n Spain 😉

Yesterday, Amy and I didn’t believe what I was reading: “Upgrade your brain”, haha!

I LOL, coz the alternative is to cry, coz some of the posts started earlier than yesterday, and   we’ve just come across them.  Haha!  But we should be realistic. How could we read everything posted. It’s impossible. For sure, we’re doing far better than others though.

bulletproof mindYour intelligence is infinite.

Intelligence is not fixed.  Studies have shown repeatedly that with training, supplements, and time – intelligence can always be increased. “Neuro-plasticity”, your ability to reshape your nervous system and brain – is proven to exist and we even know how to increase it.

Amazing! Right? It’s a big big subject, and it contains very interesting facts about the future of our brains and their intelligence level.

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Some people consider upgrading the brain will make us inhuman, because we will interfere with the normal creation  by taking chemicals. Others claim that genetic and epigenetic modification will allow us to change our physical appearance and capabilities, as well as to tweak some of the more intangible aspects of our being such as emotion, creativity or sociability. What do you think?

Your brain changes over the course of your lifetime — for better or for worse. Here’s how to make the most of your gray matter.

Our descriptions of the human brain are often awash with computer metaphors, as if it were nothing more than a hard drive planted in our heads. We talk about downloading information, rebooting a tired mind or re-coding our neurons to produce more positive thoughts.

We found, by searching Google 3,250,000 counts for the results of our search “Upgrade your brain”. Of course we couldn’t go through every and each one of them; but if you’re interested, and you should be, after all you have one. 😆

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