Skip It!

Dearest readers and friends, we thank you for being here, and we’ll try our best to get the new pearls to you, ASAP. Friends from the US, Uganda, Canada, Philippines, Bosnia & Herzegovina, n Brazil our big thanks go to you 😉

Sometimes, one makes the wrong choice when it comes to movies. That was my mistake when I selected from the Redb0x “The Girl On The Train”.

I love all the actresses  and the actors who appeared in the movie; each one of them played her/his part perfectly well, but what I didn’t feel comfortable with, and I think that that was the reason the audience gave it only 3 stars, was the string of events, and the continuous change of roles among all the characters in the main theme.

gt.jpgBut I understood why the director tried a new treatment for that string of events, coz otherwise, the story would have been a repetition for many other stories that dealt with wives’ abuse, infidelity, & drinking problems. 😛

The movie trailer gave me an impression of having a mystery behind that story that would need to be solved, which partly it was, but not completely. Its ambiguity was rather related to the correction of the true roles that the characters played, until the very end when the whole truth was unfolded.

My recommendation is to skip it 😆

Hugs & kisses ❤

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