Seeing half-the-glass empty turned out to be probably better than seeing the full half; but let’s first say hello to our guests, readers, and friends from the US, Italy, Philippines, Canada, France, India, Australia, the UK, Poland, Kenya, Serbia, Brazil, & Peru  😉

There has been many argument since the start of this theory about people who see the half of the glass full or empty, and that those who see it full are the good optimistic ones, while the other empty-half people are the complainers, the nagging type, or the pessimistic ones.

Here’s what Johnathan see it:

Seeing the glass as half empty inspires many complainers to do something about it. They are the solvers, the scientists, the engineers, the discoverers, the explorers.

You would have no Internet, no cars, no telephones, no hot food, no America if it weren’t for these “complainers”. Be grateful for them, for without them we are nothing. The alternative would be to live, shivering in fear of the wild animals, under a tree in east Africa, where humanity began.

No weapons, for those require dissatisfaction. No clothes, ditto. No shelter, ditto. We owe everything to those who see the glass as half empty. Everything.

Sure we can agree or disagree with that, but may be we need to take a closer look at that saying before taking sides, right?s

Supposedly the person who looked at the glass, which was half empty and half full, started thinking, why that upper half was empty, was it because it was completely full and then it was decreased until it reached half the glass; or, was it empty because the glass had just started to be filled up, and there was more to come to fill the rest of the glass?

If the person was thinking in that way, it meant that s/he was smart, because if the glass was full (i.e. your bank account was $1,000,000), and then it became half ($500,000), what happened to that missing part ($500,000)? Was it spent in an investment project? Was it lost? etc.. 

Isn’t this how future predictions for our weather or our financials work? We analyze the factors related to the matter we study to come up with conclusions, and build our plans accordingly.

Therefore, it could have been nothing related to being optimistic or pessimistic; it could simply be a bright analytical mind, which is a great sign of seeing things before they happen.

In addition, there is too many optimistic people who would complain about things when they are not right, aren’t you one of these people? If you were unhappy with a poor product, you would undoubtly express your disappointment to someone. You wouldn’t keep it for yourself, coz you wouldn’t want others to trip or stumble into the same situation, do you?! 🙄

How about if the glass is third empty and two thirds full? Or, if the glass half full of ice-cream and the other half is full of soda? …Hmm

Until we talk again, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤

. Old view of the glass

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