Your Heart & Mirth!

Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US and Turkey! 😉

If thinking of having a healthier heart seems to be like a heavy project for you, it’s really not. Does it feel like such a big deal? On the contrary, it’s only few steps away from you:

  1. Work-fruits

    One or two pieces of fruits at work is easy to carry and can be an automatic routine for you. Definitely it would keep your heart healthy, but when you do it on a daily basis, you wouldn’t even think about it, it’s become a natural habit, and it will help your heart.

    Avoid any other options of snacks at work. Always associate, in your mind, an apple /a banana with a work snack image in your mind.SophieHealthyHeart

  2. Walk 5

    During work, instead of spending the whole day sitting to your computer, take 5 minutes walking around . By the end of the day, it will add up to 30 min walk. Why not? Its all good for your body and your heart.

  3. Mirth

    Give yourself at least one laugh/day. Whether watching Tv or seeing funny pictures for yourself or your family members might bring some IGXO Cosmeticspleasure or that hidden laugh, just do it. Even if it was some silly situations you’ve been through, just bring those memories back to your own mind and laugh. Laugh about yourself and how you act weird in some situations. It’s only you and yourself, who would know? Nobody, but it will bring some mirth to your soul.

  4. Nap

    Take a nap during your day if you can. If not try to take enough sleep, whatever enough is for you. It is something totally unique and related to your age and your body. What a good time or a good length of sleep is, is completely varied from one person to the other. There is no special measurement for that.

    Forget about the good example of 8 hours sleep a day, coz you are a unique creation.

    Until we chat again, keep reading and enjoying sharing ideas with us, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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