Happy 4th!

Hesitation is a killer and mostly it is meant to hold you back from a wrong decision! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, Taiwan, Georgia, India, the UK, Philippines, Ghana, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Nigeria, Colombia, Germany, and Iraq 😉

4th of July is a good time to re-starting your journey with life again. 4th of July is a symbolic event like any other symbolic actions that you do in Qatar Airwaysyour lives.

Something you created to give yourself some kind of wisdom. It would bring you memories of old folks who sacrifice their lives for independence.

Independence is supposedly priceless, but let me remind you of this; are you really independent? Don’t you see any form of invasion for your life? Yes you do! And what can you do? Nothing!4th of July

You failed to keep your independence. Why?

You’re depending on ….. to get your food

You’re depending on …..to communicate

You’re depending on …. to get your news

You’re depending on …… to get your entertainment

You’re depending on …. to get your earning

Who is independent?!

The truth is nobody is independent any more!

It’s like a vortex for everyone; for every country; for every people. It’s a game of numbers; you and I are just numbers in a huge game, so is everyone else.

So, celebrate!

Until we chat again, let’s see how things will be going, just remember care for each other, people for people, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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