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The reality is that there is no privacy any more!

Privacy was something that you knew and enjoyed in the past but not at the present, and you need to deal with it. It’s totally up to you how to protect your privacy. Some people do not have internet as a measurement of protection.

But is it only about online activities?

Banks start asking you to give up paper methods, with the excuse of saving the environment, and do everything online instead “The Green Method”.

The truth is that every time you sit to your computer and hit a letter on your screen, someone else is seeing what you do. There are people who are watching your activities online.

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One would say: “so what? I don’t have anything to hide”. It is true, for some people, the feeling of easiness in revealing their identities or others in their families, but it is not only about them, it is bigger than that.

If you were the President of one country would you have more privacy than other people in your country? Well, let’s see. Many of your info would be public records, and any one could check on it and request it. But in the meantime, you’d have some privileges not to reveal some. However, we do not speak of presidents here. Presidents have a special circle.

Berrylook 5% off for Your First OrderWe talk about normal people like you and I. Do we have any privacy any more?

You think not. They no longer even ask for your permission. They used to be decent and ask for your permission if they could get this or that piece of info about you or your family members. Right now, you’d be surprised to see your own id present on the screen in front of any nurse or any health provider , without asking you. When or where from have they got your id scanned? When did that happen?

It was done without your permission, it was done and published online for hundred or thousands or millions of people to see, without your permission.

You’d howl out loud for anyone to hear you: “My id was published publicly without my permission”, thinking that you might get the attention of anyone who cares but they would look at you thinking you’re crazy or something. “So what?”, that would be the look in their eyes on their faces?

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What’s this new world, or has it been always like this and you couldn’t see it?

You couldn’t see it coming, but it is, so you better be ready and think ASAP.  it is claimed that there are solutions, why don’t you try them, what do you have to lose?

Until we chat again, remember your topics, get around them, we’re trying to fix few links but mostly working now, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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