Fencing or Money?

It’s an honor to have you all with us. For everyone of you, who takes the time in reading our pages, we love you, and we believe in you. We know that you’re smart guys, coz you believed in us, as much as we believed in you.

So thank you our readers from everywhere, especially from the US, Argentina, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, India, the UK, n Australia 😉

We will talk about two things: fencing as a sport, and a story about money, since billions of us are mostly interested in money. 

fncFencing is a sport with a small number of fans, but what I admire about it is its ability to continue all these years. In reality, I have not seen one, but only in movies. May be it is affiliated with a certain class of people, or may be it has to be in your family, to be able to get it, and fall in love with it. I am not sure, so here is what Encyclopedia Britannica says about it: fencing.

Foil, épée and sabre are the three weapons used in the sport fencing. While it is not unusual for fencers to compete in all three events, they generally choose to develop their skills in one weapon.

When you don’t know what you’re doing it is fatal, especially when it is related to some sword or some weapon, even if it was in a sport. You’ve got to learn the rules, or otherwise you could get hurt, or you could get somebody else injured.

That turns out to be even more interesting story than I ever thought; not fencing, it’s about Kevin Trudeau.  A number of times I tried to borrow from my local library a book for Kevin Trudeau, which is called “Free Money“. My holds were forever, until I gave up, and canceled them. Finally, I received an email from my library, informing me that the hold for that book is available. It’s amazing! Finally! Since I was online, I googled Kevin Trudeau, n to my surprise, I got a millions of bad reputation articles about him. It’s confusing coz they are contradicting  each other. Oops! This is media, didn’t you know that?!

Knowledge is power, and YOU have this tool. Use it 😉

[To be continued]

Love you guys n wish I have more time to talk more, but for now I have to say Good Bye, temporarily, n until we talk again, here’s my big hug

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