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“I’m not a guru, a wizard, or a magician; I’m not financial expert, lawyer, or accountant; I am not a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker.” This is how the book which sold millions, as said, started in its note to readers.

only usThat was really quite interesting. It continued, “I’m only the guy who wants you to know that there is free money out there available to you from government sources, and lots of other places, …..” How amazing to talk to the readers in that simple yet appealing way. Yes, sure appealing coz it talks about being able to know about money sources that are available and free, but we do not know about it. In other words, if you want some money, just read how to get it, and you can easily do that. If it sells millions, I would say, it could sell more 😉

On the back of the humble cover, it says: ” ….Billions (in Red color), of dollars that is ready, available, and waiting to be claims! Hundreds of pages of easy-to-read and easy-to follow steps …….to find your share of this free money…………never have to pay back…..billions of dollars…….billions of bucks…..bonds, does any of this belong to you?

I am not sure if I should like the way this book draws the attention of the people, or should I just consider it a good pitch, or a way of fraud?  Probably I spoke about this book before, or one similar, but the thing is that there are thousands of books like this in each library. They are legitimate books. Whether they really help you to be a billionaire or not; this is another story.

Also, when you read No. 1  NY Times Bestselling Book, you assume that it must be something big, and automatically, you get curious to read it. Out of curiosity to know why it was the bestselling book, you go ahead and buy it. So is it a good marketing that made that book No.1 bestselling book many years ago? Was it a coincidence? Or was it a really good book to read?

First, when you read on the cover that it is easy-to-read book, it means that it doesn’t have the high register required in formal talk, or the sophisticated terminology that is required in complex specialized subjects, such as aviation, chemistry, etc.. Most probably it would be written in colloquial language, so simple sort of any one could understand it.

Furthermore, this indicates that there is no consideration or heavy weight for the quality of writing, or the special talents of a professional writer. So what? You are right. So what? What’s important here is that it would bring something new to the people. Not only that it would bring “Money” to the table. OMG. How could they not buy it? If money is worshiped, why on Earth, my dear 1Zumba, do you expect people not to buy it or not to read it?  [To be continued]

Few of Patty’s Real Estate Corner Questions are here: [Answers after Links]

∑- What is a warranty of authority?
∑- A holographic will is valid only if witnessed by how many witnesses?
∑- Title insurance premiums are paid by who?
∑- Is a material fact the same as a material defect?
∑- Ordnance location disclosure deals with what?

monyMany grants are available for small businesses, Edward M., I added few links that can help you in your project. Just be careful, coz there is a huge difference between a grant and a loan. Before you get committed to any of them, read all the details, and ask as many questions as you can. It’s worth a try. As you know nothing is guaranteed!

Many financial puzzles are out there in the market. Many of them seem to be so easy, and so profitable, but the key is how much interest do you need to pay, if you borrowed that money? How long are you allowed to pay back that money? The terms and the conditions of each loan is different, so you need to have a good sense of estimates. You also need to have an emergency account, in case something urgent came up, and you need to pay for it.

Certainly, if it is free money, as that previously-mentioned book demonstrated, it’s going to be absolutely wonderful! Go for it, 1Zumba! Free money? 1Zumba, Shush!

Until we talk again, stay cool, and take good care of yourself, and your loved ones 😉

Important Links:

 Patty’s Answers:
. It makes the principal responsible for certain agent actions.
. 1 witness.
. It depends, according to local customs n negotiations.
. Sometimes.
. It deals with the possibility of live ammunition from military installations in the area.



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