Odd Hunter!

Welcome to our page dear readers and visitors, especially our new ones from the US, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Malta, Canada, the UK, n Thailand ūüėČ

Hey my 1Zumba friend, how’s your weekend? Oh! Do you want me to tell you how was my weekend first? All right, I’ll go first. I attended an event in SF, and I met many nice people; some I knew for a long time, others were introduced to me for the first time. It was a lot of fun, but the most funniest of them was talking to that very odd lady!

odd ldy1Why odd? Coz she told me her life story in almost two hours, n I think she was in her fifties. So, for me it was amazing to do that, for many reasons. She gave to me in details, although we were just met, delicate and private info that I would never tell anyone in my life. I was a complete stranger to her, although she said she knew me through my writings, but still it was so strange for me, to have someone speak about very personal experiences, like those she had in her personal life.

Let me first describe that lady for you, in order to see what I saw, or to live what I lived for almost two whole hours. Let’s say that her name was “Macy”. I chose that name coz she was very elegant in her appearance, wearing all in navy blue color, except for her boots were in yellowish brown trimmed with a slim line of fur. Her hair was dark brownish red, having a fair complexion, with green eyes. She could be 5’5 and about 145-150 pounds. She had a beautiful figure and posture. Her looks were calm n very attractive. She showed me some pictures of herself, when she was younger, she had different hair colors. All of them were grades of the brown color though.

She worked in a well-known bank, in SF, where she lived most of her life as she mentioned. She had two kids living with two¬†of her “Exes”.¬†ūüėē

odd ldy4Yes, I know what I said, my 1Zumba friend, “her exes”, I meant her ex-husbands. Coz guess what? She had 9 (nine) ex-husbands! ūüėē

The one she is married to right now, is probably the right one, according to what she explained to me. I can tell you that she went through a LOT! But being able to find at last the one she was looking for, is a great thing to have. [If you’re curious for the details, you know how to reach me ūüôā]

Oh! This is not that lady of New York, who got married to 10 men. This is another story. More

That was in April last year. “A Bronx woman is being dubbed a “serial” bride after she married 10 husbands, apparently without divorcing some of them, according to court records obtained by ABC News.

Liana Barrientos pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Friday morning on two counts of offering a false instrument for filing after police accused her of lying on her recent 10th marriage application and license in 2010 by indicating she had never been married before. If she is convicted, she could face four years in jail, officials said.”

Dear 1Zumba friend, every single day, when I think of you, I want to tell you plenty of things . But everything I want to tell does not fall into one specific category, coz it’s all life matters that I want to share with you. Mostly, it ends up with selecting few situations, or snaps out of my daily experiences; the ones that I feel you’d gain something useful out of them. Or at least that is what I hope to happen.¬†

odd ldy5The lady in San Francisco, when she told me how she hunted her 9 husbands (she used the word hunt specifically) reminded me of Richard Boise, a physician I met in one of my trips, in the swimming pool. He once told me, speaking of how he was attracted to women, that the Japanese kimono women, coz of their all covered bodies, gave him a special sense of excitement.

Definitely, each man may see a woman in a way different from each other. The elements of attraction for each human being is totally variable from one person to the other. 

Anyway, let’s agree on one thing, my dear 1Zumba friend. What is it? ¬†It’s to say goodbye for now, and until we talk again about the rest of this 1Zumba hunter/ odd lady, take my hugs & kisses ūüėČ


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