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Thank you dear readers, bloggers, visitors, and followers. With you, we’ve been inspired more and more, through your comments, and questions, so keep doing it. Keep sharing your ideas and insights with us all. We love you our dear readers from everywhere, especially from the US, Denmark, South Africa, Brazil, n Belgium 😉

nature1Dear 1Zumba friends, I’ m thinking how to start this part, coz it’s quite special thought. It’s about a talented writer and adventuresome if I may say so. This is how I feel about her. In all of her posts, which I dearly admire, she gives a unique spirit of writing. It makes me like to go back to her posts all the time, although I don’t have that time  luxury.

Of course, it is you Miriam, with your outstanding page: https://outanabout.wordpress.com/. I remember well that I replied to one of your comments saying: “you’re amazing”. I  think that was in our post titled 1Zumba Bears on Feb 18th, 2016, when you asked why.

natureI didn’t  respond , and I rarely forget a question that I didn’t answer. The reason is that, sometimes I don’t answer questions, either I didn’t see them , or they were not brought to my attention at all, or that the answer I would like to give would take forever coz of its abundant reasons. The last  causation applied to your question.

Today I’m gladly answering it, after I read your blog/post of One Love of Nature

So you are amazing coz:

You are full of life and emotions.You’re opening your arms to the world exploring nature with no fear.You’re embracing every natural creation.

I can feel your peace of mind, your peaceful nature with nature, in harmony with your surrounding environment, n with yourself. You give me the sense of tranquility n transparency . You let me see through you, n you have me see the world in your eyes. You let me live the adventures you have, or at least part of it. This is, dear, a very special talent in itself. You convey the  new pure touch you have for the world around you, whether you see a mountain, a tree, or a lake. You have all of these and more.

natre1The spirit of adventure, combined with your sincere emotions of appreciation for nature; some kind of loyalty, submission, n deep connection between you and natural entities.

I’m writing this not to compliment you (I’d love to do that sure), but what I mean is that I’m only belated answering your ‘why’ question posted on 1Zumba.com. Although I still have tons of things to say to you, about your poetic nature and your fantastic ability in how to express your inner feelings, and your reactions to life events, I have to stop here though and probably to save the rest for another occasion.


Dear Miriam, allow me to call our post today 1Zumba Out N About. Thank you for inspiring me to write this today, which I wanted to write for a long time, and we will have another meeting for sure. 😉

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with everyone else Miriam, and we all with you all the best ever. 🙂

Dear 1Zumba friend, I hope you enjoyed our session of today, make sure that you send your comments for us. We are always waiting for your participation with our page. We do love you all guys and until we chat again, here’s our hugs n kisses 😉


N.B. All photos borrowed from Miriam’s posts: https://outanabout.wordpress.com/

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4 thoughts on “1Zumba Out N About

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they’re much appreciated and I’m deeply touched that you took the time to dedicate this post to me. So happy that you enjoy my writing and my photos, I thank you again and look forward to sharing more from my part of the world. Warmest wishes.

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