1Zumba Submission

Appreciating hanging up with us guys. Thank you for visiting us our dear new and current readers from everywhere including Australia, the US, France, Hong Kong SAR China, Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Bermuda, Greece, Brazil, n Israel 😉

Dear 1Zumba baby, I can’t forget you. How could you think for a second that that could ever happen. Oh! I miss you so much, and we will meet soon. We will keep our talk forever, about everything that happened to you for the last week, and probably the week before too. Continue reading our post, where you would find all the keys you’re looking for. Remember, this is our world, you and I 😉

Yes! Live your life as if you’re leaving it tomorrow, and yet, live it also as if you’re living it forever. Both sides, you’ve got to consider, so you wouldn’t have regrets neglecting one part for the other!

Juliet asked us to post her short dialogue story, and that is totally fine with us. Thank you for sharing Juliet H.O. 

“He: I’m rich, will you marry me?
She: Nuuh, why would I?
He: Coz I’m rich.
She: Who told you I’m that kind of girl. Wrong door! Sorry!
He: Oh Yeh! That’s exactly the kind I was looking for but I couldn’t find. So you must be rich, right?
She: Why you care if you’re a billionaire?
He: I don’t. I’m just curious. What makes you different?
She: Non of your business, go away 😦  Crying”

Thank you Juliet for this nice snap! Keep sharing with everyone, not only Juliet. We love to hear from you all.

1Z SubmissionI was so impressed and speechless by this piece of art, and, I think, all of you will share the same feeling, when you see this unbelievable sculpture. It’s not for sale, I was told. So even the monarchy wouldn’t be able to buy or to own it. 🙂

Look at it, and tell me if you didn’t think that it was a real man. It’s really a huge challenge! Just blowing your mind, coz it seems so very much real to your eyes.

sprgThere is a lot of activities going on nowadays in the Bay Area, San Francisco, Berkeley, n Oakland. Spring time always brings a lot of fun for people and families everywhere.

Free: Saturday 3/19/2016

Albany Library, Edith Stone Room, 1247 Marin Ave. 510-526-3720, ext. 17 , Beatrix Potter tea Party, hear stories from the British gardener and author Beatrix Potter and come dressed as your favorite character.

Family Maker Saturdays: build , invent, design and create something with your children, ages 3-9. $10, Habitot children’s Museum, Berkeley.

Free kids Craft, Free, Lakeshore learning Store, Walnut Creek, 925-944-1495

Sunday 3/20/2016

Moon Games, make solar -system crafts and learn about the moon that will pass behind the shadow of Earth, leaving behind a glowing orb of reflect sunlight. 2-3 pm, Free, Tilden Nature Area, Environmental Education Center, Berkeley, 510-544-2233, ebparks.org

More events at Bayareaparent.com if you are more 

Some new ways of investing your money is good to know about, right? Check on our bottom resources for investing your money in different ways, depending on the amount that you wish to invest.

Dear 1Zumba friends, remember your exercise, and your 1Zumba classes, it’s important to keep in-shape. Ask yourself, every week: “Did I exercise enough this week?”. Oh dear! Thank you for being with us for this short time. I just feel great when you are around me from everywhere. Today, I am giving you this piece of art, or 1Zumba submission 😉

Love you all, I’ll try to be back soon enough to chat some more about my dinner or may be my breakfast, haha 😕


What is new in SF, in Berkeley, in Oakland?




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