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Today we have a very special interview with Jay. A new talent, added to our Superstars. You would feel the honesty in his replies, and the love to his drums. Please welcome Jay on the Drums with us today 🙂   Hello Jay! 

1.How would you introduce yourself to our readers? .
My name is Jay on the Drums and I love bringing live percussion to Zumba, yoga and all fitness classes around the world.
2.How long have you been a doing the drums new approach?
I started drumming when I was about 15 after my friend Justin Schmedeke asked me to learn since he was learning the guitar. I’ve been playing ever since and can’t imagine my life without it!
3.What kind of interests you have?
My main passion is playing the drums but I’m also a huge pro wrestling fan. 
4.When in class, how do you feel about other students who can’t follow up?
5.What is your ultimate dream?
Wow, my ultimate dream that I am working on right now is to earn an honest living off my drumming. I honestly have such a good time doing it and am working hard every day to ensure that is ALL I have to do to support my self.

6.What kind of difficulties you encounter in life in general?

I maintain a pretty calm demeanor and can see both sides to everything. I’m able to understand things from just about any perspective and don’t really like to sell those “difficulties”. 
7. What is your favorite color?
8. Did you find any solutions for these difficulties? N/A
9. Is there any funny or embarrassing situations that happened to you when you first started?
I remember when I first started drumming I used to hit my self on accident with the drum sticks. Those days are over now as I no longer us the sticks but it was pretty funny and little painful! Also, as a drummer it was always super obvious whenever I would mess up playing live. Those kinds of situations are great for learning how to have humility and not take yourself too seriously. 
11.Do you feel that there is a certain message that you want to deliver for our readers?
I guess the main message I would want readers to take away is to find something that you truly love and do it everyday. I never knew how I’d make drumming my career but I did know it was my number one passion in life. If you can find out what that is for you then you can help positively effect the world of people around you.
12.What local events you like to participate in?
13.Can you tell our readers something they do not know about you?
People reading about me for the first time may not know how well live drums go with a  zumba or fitness class. They are absolutely made for each other!
14.Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
In five years I see myself traveling the world and getting to drum full time. Most importantly I see myself smiling and loving my life. {probably we will meet again in 5 yrs Jay, & see where you are 😛  }

15.How do you deal with having the music playing into your head, being exposed to it for long hours?
I love having music on at all hours of the day so there really isn’t a time when I’m not used to it. I love it. Music is my life’s soundtrack.
16.How do you choose your daily routine?
I choose my daily routine though whatever feels good. I have a very clear vision in my mind of how I want my life to be and I simply take the appropriate steps to make that happen. Something that helps me is to allow my mind to turn off and simply “be” in the moment. 
For more information on my drumming in fitness classes and the nightclub scene please visit the  sites provided under Jay’s Links. Thank you.

There is plenty of entertainment resources nowadays online, guys, including that awesome website, which gives you coupon for saving on your tickets! Check on the links on the bottom of our page, you’d be surprised how much you can save 😉

Dear 1Zumba friends, I hope you enjoyed our chatting with Jay today. Invest in him he is a real genuine talent. We love you Jay! 1Zumba on the drums 😉

Now as usual it is time to say goodbye, but it’s only temporary, so until I see you again, have all hugs and kisses. Cheers 1Zumba fellows 😉

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