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Thank you dear friends, readers, followers, visitors, n bloggers, from everywhere in our fantastic world, particularly from Italy, Thailand, the US, Poland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, Philippines, n Spain 😉 We’re quite surprised to have Italy on the top today, my Italian cousin 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, you know by now, how much I would love to talk to you; so be patient with my brief chats till the end of this month. Then,  we will have all the time, for great achievements, and up to the highest possible level of prosperity 😉

I’m reminding you that every single time we publish an article online, it has, undoubtedly, a piece of precious info. Just look for it, and when you find it, keep it with your other tools, inside your brain. Listen carefully to the music around you.


Music is one means of communication. it can communicate feelings.  Believe me, it can convey love, happiness, sadness, desire, joyfulness, playfulness, flirting, fear, anger, torture, longing for someone, patience, steadiness, readiness, warning, discipline, warmth, carefulness, deception, migration, foolishness, carelessness, redemption, sacrifice, n you can go forever in your description.

I doubt it that there is one person who cannot relate to music. I’m thinking that music is an innate instinct that we are born with. May be the sound of the wind, or the sound of the rains, or any other natural sound was attributed in the first place to coming up with the first piece of music.

How wonderful music is! I can’t imagine our world without music. Today, my intention was to present to you a piece about our jargon, but instead, I was driven away by music towards musical subject. Listening to this piano playing, I’m now flying on the top of the clouds. Am I so sentimental? I’m not sure, but all I can know right now is: if you can’t touch the sky listening to this piece, I would doubt that you are from our world:


If you enjoyed this Spring Waltz for Chopin, the poet of the piano, pls be our friend, join our, because we would be almost certain that we have some strong bond. We would be sharing the same appreciation for this fantastic piece of art.

Have you heard about music therapy? Many of us never heard that term, coz it hasn’t been been there for a long time yet, only since the 40s. However, there is actually a national board for certifying the music therapists. If you are interested in more info, pls visit this website, and spread the word. This is definitely NEW for many of us 😎

Oh! We reach our end of session for now, but stay tuned, we will have another nice chatting soon. So until then, here’s all the kisses, to all of you, 1Zumba Chopin Lovers 😳



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6 thoughts on “Chopin With 1Zumba

  1. I can very much relate to this. Music is so important, music therapy even more so. I can’t imagine my life without it. Thank you for sharing a lovely piece.


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