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We are glad to host today a fabulous lady athlete from Mexico, who likes to share with us some of her experiences, which could be of interest for us, and which may help us learning  new things. 😆

This interview is originally in Spanish, and translated into English, coz as you all know we post in English language.

Our friend is a member from 1ZumbaCircles Group on FB,. She was nominated by many of our members, so we invited her for having a chat with all of us about her life experiences, and any message that she would like to convey for all of us.

So here’s what she said: [The original interview, which is edited by Rodolfo (Thank you Rod), is in Spanish, then translated and edited for all of us, as follows:

1 How would you like our friends to call you?

My full name is  Clara Contreras Barajas.

2 What do you do?
instructor, Zumba & Dance, Zapopan, housewife.

2.How long have you been a Zumba instructor?

Long enough, haha 🙂

3.What kind of interests you have?

Give the best of my person as an instructor.

4.When in class, how do you feel about other students who can’t follow up?

You feel blessed & it’s nothing. It is impossible to follow exactly all the steps. When you love to dance, there might be a bit of struggle, but it’s ok, you just enjoy yourself. 

5.What is your ultimate dream?

Travel to several states, countries, and bring up my profession to the best level.

6.What kind of difficulties you encounter in life in general?

The lack of opportunities and finding people with egotism trying to pull you down.

7. What is your favorite color?

Red, pink

Clara28. Did you find any solutions for these difficulties?

Be consistent and believe in my abilities, skills, and talents.

9.Is there any funny or embarrassing situations that happened to you when you first started …….?

Sure, some were fun. And some bad.

11.Do you feel that there is a certain message that you want to deliver for our readers?

That peer support and must not attack others because a grand-master does not fit egotism.

12.What local events you like to participate in?

I submit to any occasion I get and accept my chances.

13.Can you tell our readers something they do not know about you?

Just to dance.

14.Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Dancing till the last days that God can give to me.

15.How do you deal with having the music playing into your head, being exposed to it for long hours?

Music is refreshing our brain and our spirit rejoices and keeps us healthy and active.

16.How do you choose your daily routine?

I choose my routine  and my steps via my creativity.

17.How far you can go with …….exercises?

 Clearly as  it buzzes with drill work, as far as it goes.

18.What is your favorite say?

Always stay positive.

19. What would you like to see in this profession?

In this profession, I want to see companionship and respect.

20. Is there anything else you wish to say for our readers, before we say goodbye?

I thank you in advance for your attention and the opportunity to belong to this group. From the city of Guadalajara, in Mexico, I send  greetings and a hug!

Wow, isn’t that great to have such a beautiful feelings of love and hug. Oh! We thank you so much Clara. You’ve been a bless to have today with all of us, and we wish you, honestly, all the best, and to see you make all your dreams happen soon. This has been, dear readers, 1Zumba  Mexico 😉

William W. Purkey

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey

Until we chat again, here’s my hugs & kisses. Remember to send your comments and emails. Remain cool, and be nice to each other 😉

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