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Dear wonderful readers and visitors from everywhere, especially new ones from Canada, Mexico, the US, Italy, the UK, n Colombia 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, one more day for the weekend, OMG! You see how fast days passed?! It’s a bit hot today here in Walnut Creek, CA, I don’t know about other areas, in the Bay or outside the States. It’s getting Spring touch though, I think everywhere.

I’ve just watched a short video on YouTube, and I’ve been amazed of the high technology, and the presentation itself in the video. Most importantly, the truth that, in Korea, to reach up to that highest level of ship building. It’s actually more than amazing for such an achievement. 


In California, although it is the 3rd state in the length of its coastline in all the 50 states, we haven’t heard much about ship building, similar to that huge enterprise in Korea. I’m not sure what the reason is, but we would like to see similar projects like these ones, which could provide work for many people, and which would establish a core industry in our state. Instead of having tangible industries, or consuming ones, it is time to buildup our real industries.

We all like to hear about these huge industries in our daily news, about the openings they provide for our students, who graduate from Berkeley to work in Starbucks, or Ice-Cream stores. It’s embarrassing to see such gigantic industries are available and developing in other countries more than in ours.


I talk out of experience and reality. I see our students after graduation, are working in places they should not be working in. Why did they get their degree or higher education, after high school? They did that because they had a hope that they would be able to afford a better life for themselves, and their families. Unfortunately, this is not happening. They work in jobs that require minimal level of education.

They struggle to find the jobs they dream of, coz simply they are not out there! 🙄 😯

Pls watch this video, and tell me that you do not wish to have an industry like this in your country, or in your state!


It is not that the USA does not have shipbuilders industry, it’s about not hearing about them enough in our news or daily life. It’s about no work opportunities are heard of at a level that can be heard by public in general, and by students in specific. Let’s fascinate the world with our top industries. We can do that!

Instead of encouraging music and art all the time, we need to encourage other categories, such as engineering, shipbuilding, plane building, submarines building, etc.. You sure got what I meant. Right, my 1Zumba friend? Yes, I did. Great, Let’s build a 1Zumba Ship then 😉

We love you all, wherever you are. Be nice to each other, and take good care of yourself. Until we talk again, a big hug for you. For you only 🙂




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2 thoughts on “1Zumba Ship

  1. I agree! If jobs of this type were publicized nationwide, many would flock to new England states where this industry was founded and established. Not only are industry jobs a problem but the entire country is falling apart. China and Mexico. are now controlling the US, commercial seaports and many longshoremen are facing employment challenges.


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