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omg3I was thinking of having my own dictionary, which is new being completely a breakthrough, but I found out that probably what people now need more than ever is the digital language. Truthfully, now not only English is needed, but both English and the digital acronymic slang.


Now, myself, after reading hundreds of books, and writing few of them, I feel the need for learning on a daily basis, what new acronyms are to be added to my sources. I reached up to 455,000 in my account, which is considerably reasonable. You can’t imagine, how fast it is evolving though.

Dear 1Zumba friend, I checked on a number of websites, and it’s a very long list believe me, and here are some I found useful towards that goal:
1) Texting
2) Abbreviations for Texting
3)  I learned shorthand when I was 13, and it was v interesting class. I still remember how my book looked like, dark red cover, and its title in white.
4) Be careful, where “KISS” means keep it simple stupid, Oops!
5) where you would find abbreviations for text message, SMS ( Short Message Service), Email, chat, and internet acronyms.
6)  This is cool for parents who want to keep up with their kids internet slang.
7) where cyber lingo is, and you want to cipher it!

Too much abbreviations and acronyms make us dummies, what do you think, my friends?! We no longer sure about the meaning of the companies we deal with, the places we visit, or the news we get from NCB, or FOX, NCIS…

omgIt’s a real dilemma. What’s all this? It’s just another  OMG!  😉

Love you all; keep in touch with our topics, and remember our words. They will give you company until we talk again with our hugs and kisses

USA Car Record
USA Car RecordModo Bath

Modo Bath* Soon expect a continuation for Chase & Cheese 😉


Modo BathIGXO Cosmetics
Modo Bath

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