Starbucks Rats!

It’s a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver, is it really true? 😉 Thank you for coming and enjoying our words our dear readers from everywhere: the US, Paraguay, Turkey, and Egypt. 😉

While heading  to work or getting back home you always have a lot of themes in your mind. Some of them are related to family and others are perhaps associated with your coworkers or

While heading  to work or getting back home you always have a lot of themes in your mind. Some of them are related to family and others are perhaps associated with your coworkers or classmates. In addition, there could be some reflections from a movie you watched last night or few weeks ago, or an event that you attended anywhere!

These are all stored in your memory in a certain way. 

“I received a phone call from my son and he asked me to have breakfast with him in a certain place which serves only breakfast! Although I was happy I was a bit surprised and in my mind, I told myself it was holidays’ times, and that probably I needed to get him some present.”, Amy told me. 

I said that she was so smart to think of that and that she was lucky to have such a thoughtful son, and I wished her enjoying that breakfast.

Two days later when I saw her I asked her what happened in her breakfast with her son, to which she answered: “It was great however he told me about a disaster in the Bay Area with one of the largest places in CA”.

As usual I got curious and I asked what it was. 

And OMG! It was huge news and public health hazard. Shame on that place! How could they expose the public for something like that?

Rats Are Dangerous! Why?

On average, a rat will consume 25-30 g of food and drink approximately 60 ml of water per day. If wild rats enter your home they may carry parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans and animals, including Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease, which can be fatal to humans) and Ringworm.

RatsAmy’s son told her that he spoke to his Starbucks manager to report that rats’ problem to health offices in SF, and that his manager kept procrastinating telling him that it was the case in all Starbucks stores in the Bay Area not only in SF, and that there was no need to report that, and that nobody cared. The son, when he lost hope in getting his manager to do the right thing, he resigned, and he stopped drinking coffee from any place except from his own home.

Amy was unhappy about that situation, and she made an online tip to the Health office to send an instant committee to that place where her son used to work, but nothing occurred unfortunately. It seemed that the manager was right. Nobody cared for the public health. “People are only humans and they are replaceable”, is this how the authorities thought?

Few days ago, in our post “BAD!”, we chat about a similar rats’ situation at Safeway Food Store, and we were happy to know that their store was closed after inspection confirmed the hazard of existing rats there, but it seems that the problem is bigger than that. The media is acting hush hush about it. Why?

Symptoms of being infected by rats’ diseases are typically similar to flu at the outset – muscle cramps, nausea, headaches – but can cause jaundice, kidney failure, meningitis, and in some cases can be fatal. Other diseases that rats can transmit to humans include:

  • Salmonellosis.
  • Rat-bite fever.
  • Listeria.
  • Toxoplasmosis.
  • Toxicaria.

It is possible to become infected even when rats are no longer present, and so workers must be cautious working in any areas with a high quantity of water or in derelict buildings.

Therefore we decided to talk about it, probably your voice would be heard this time. Pls talk about it. It’s a public health hazard, it is unlike the bags issue. It’s extremely serious situation, and it has to be addressed promptly.

Until we talk again, keep searching our topics, it’s full of good stuff that you need with our love and kisses ❤

. Risk of rats.


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