1Zumba Disney!

You never know what is coming, do you? 😉 Thank you for visiting our page today, and we hope that you would become one of our great regular friends and readers, who are everywhere; particularly our new ones from the US, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, n Australia 😉

Are you serious my dear? Yes, I am. My dear 1Zumba friend. Let’s play then! Play what?

Play Disney game. I know that many love Disneyland or Disney World, and that they sometimes are not able to go coz of the distance or the travel. So now you can make your own Disney world as it says here:

“If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World and decided that despite all the fun you were having, the place would be even better if Disney let you rearrange things yourself? Sadly, the House of Mouse will never let you do that, but Disney Magic Kingdoms from Game loft is pretty much the next best thing.

It’s not a strict builder in the sense that you can just start throwing down real Disney Parks attractions anywhere you please, but that’s okay since there’s an interesting story and plenty of authentic Disney and Pixar characters populating your own kingdom. Reclaiming it from the darkness will take a while, but if you study up on our Disney Magic Kingdoms tips, cheats and strategies, you’ll be able to build a better, happier place that’s just the way you envision it.”


Disneyland is quite enchanting experience, for my kids & I, they just in love with it, and its fantastic dynamics. We used to have an annual pass so we could go any time of the year, not anymore since we moved to the Bay Area. We miss it very much, and I think in soon we’ll pay a visit to Disney. 

Disneyland is one of the world’s largest entertainment businesses. If you want to know more about it, you can just click on this here, where you would be taken to another completely different world, full of magic 😆

Tickets have come fairly expensive for families, but there is always a way of saving some money for a unique experience that would live in your memories forever. I think it starts now at $ 59/ day. Its excitement and magic are not only for kids I must say, adults and seniors can enjoy themselves a great deal there too. There are plenty of games and entertainment for every age. When you have a chance just go for it, it’s a life-time experience. 

With 1Zumba encouragement, you can do anything! You can travel the world, you can play any game, you can ride your horse and just breathe the early morning breeze. Just free yourself of everything else that would keep you locked up in a bottle. 😎

Nothing is impossible, or so they say. let’s thing of better tomorrow, and enjoy our

SeaBear Smokehouse

lives. Let’s enjoy others who exist in our lives. Let’s be generous not only with our deeds, but also with our good feelings towards others. Disneyland gives me this feeling of nothing is impossible. “Its a Small World” Disney’s song generates a sense of cheerfulness in everyone who visited & watches it:

Just enjoy 1Zumba Disneyland for now!

Until we talk again about Disney, let’s take a ride in between our topics from the start till the end, with our hugs and kisses

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