Be careful of a wide smile that carries all the deception underneath, do you think handshakes are a guarantee?! 😉
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You beat yourself up coz it didn’t go the way you wanted. Stop it, and re-channel this energy to the right direction.

Why did that happen? Why didn’t I see her? Why did I miss that appointment? What was I thinking? Was I asleep? Was I hypnotized? What went wrong so it wouldn’t happen again? All kind of questions will come to your mind trying to find an answer. It’s like a storm going inside your head, coz it was so important to you to meet that person and to talk to her, but it didn’t happen.


 In your mind, it was terrible act on your part, but try to play it differently. May be it was meant to be like that for a reason. Be gentle with yourself. Just think of: nothing can be done to change what had happened.

The vortex you created in your mind had no roots. Nowadays? Nobody cares. Everyone has a vortex of her/his own! But it was a kind of a business meeting, and I felt …. Just stop it. Nothing is going to change  the past. Work on repairs, feel the present, and enjoy tomorrow.

Try to see a bright side of the incident. Try harder! If you forgive others for doing something wrong, wouldn’t you forgive yourself?! Remember again that “Nothing changes the past!”

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Until we talk again, just deal with life the way you’re always doing, getting to your inspirational topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤

. 5 Ways to adverse beating


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