Angela in 1ZumbaLand!

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Smooth your hair, adjust your tie, or calibrate in a way that is appealing! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially the US, Canada, Russia, India, Lithuania, Serbia, France, Germany, and Bangladesh! 😉

My neighbor, Pam, in Santa Maria, CA kept talking about Zumba’s angel, who was coaching very special classes of Zumba. Pam was referring to Angela Naylor; one  of the most popular Zumba Superstars instructors in the Central Coast.  

So many classes of Zumba I attended, so in my mind, it went like a bit of doubt: “Well, there is many good Zumba instructors; most probably, she will be like the others I have already seen”. One of the places where I regularly went to, was the YMCA in Santa Maria, CA. The place embraced Zumba classes and other various activities as well.  

It had that enormous aerobics room, where we used to have Zumba. Mirrors covered two…

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