Angela in 1ZumbaLand!

Updated on 6/30/2018, waiting for responses from our 7000 SuperStars to maintain their pages pls. Thank you, comments are appreciated šŸ™‚


Smooth your hair, adjust your tie, or calibrate in a way that is appealing! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially the US,Ā Canada, Russia, India, Lithuania, Serbia, France, Germany, and Bangladesh!Ā šŸ˜‰

My neighbor, Pam, in Santa Maria, CA kept talking about Zumbaā€™s angel, who was coaching very special classes of Zumba.Ā Pam was referring to Angela Naylor; oneĀ  of the most popular Zumba Superstars instructors in the Central Coast. Ā 

So many classes of Zumba I attended, so in my mind, it went like a bit of doubt: ā€œWell, there is many good Zumba instructors; most probably, she will be like the others I have already seenā€. One of the places where I regularly went to, was the YMCA in Santa Maria, CA. The placeĀ embraced Zumba classesĀ and other various activities as well. Ā 

It had that enormous aerobics room, where we used to have Zumba. Mirrors covered twoā€¦

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