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Does this really take place in our society? Do you experience the same? How can you handle that? Does this really happen now?

It certainly seems that way, as bullying in all sectors of society is in the news lately. The Workplace Bullying Institute is a good resource for embattled targets, and is at the forefront of efforts to introduce laws that would make it illegal for workers to be subject to this type of abuse

Image result for sad employeesStrangely enough, it is happening. And yes, in your society, in your community. Please do not pretend as if you are not aware of that, coz may be you are one of those people whether on the good side or the bad side. 

Some signs of mobbing or bullying at workplace are:
. Targets are often excluded from important meetings.
. A common ploy is to deny them access to resources/training needed to do their job.
. They may suffer insults and seething criticism.
. Coworkers may also avoid them.
. Spread nasty rumors designed to destroy their credibility.

However, the Fair Work refused to issue stop bullying orders because the inappropriate conduct was committed by various staff members who were not acting “in concert”, which the Commissioner found did not constitute “repeated unreasonable behavior”.

If the law turned its face away from the injustice, why are you surprised that your community is full of disorder?

Bonnie wrote:  “After my supervisor at a privately owned legal advertising firm put his hands on me in anger and shoved me out of his office, I called the police. In front of the entire sales crew, I began the conversation with, ‘I’d like to report an assault,’ then I supplied the details. The staff reacted quickly.

The law and the justice should prevail, or else all standards and values will be brought down, and people will distrust the system. Once the trust is lost, nobody will be ever happy again, coz it would be a state of chaos.

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Angela emailed: My boss never liked me, and why she hired me is still unclear. She bullied me extensively, yelling me in front of my co-workers, threatening my job privately in her office, and discouraging alliances with co-workers.

Cheryl commented: “My manager treated people similarly in other departments, yelling at them in meetings. I tried to appease her until she threatened my job, at which point I constructed a letter to human resources. I gave her the courtesy of notifying her that I was going to HR, and she fired me before I had the chance to submit a complaint.”

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Even males have the same problem, it is not only for females coworkers, it’s for both genders. Man to man, woman to man, man to woman, or woman to woman, etc.

Natalie: “Then there was the man whose business was a floor below. One day he came up to me at my desk and said, ‘I just discovered a lump on my wife’s breast. How about I examine yours?’ He was fired – Sexual harassment.

Any workplace mobbing or bullying  needs to be addressed by law now! It should not be postponed or delayed coz the price will be dear to the whole community. Believe it or not, it is needed ASAP!

Until we chat again, keep looking into our inspirational topics, with our hugs and kisses

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