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Workplace Snakes!

Keeping the bullies away? You can, just use your sly blueprint! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Brazil, Germany, the UK, Lithuania, Russia, and Australia 😉

Previously we spoke about workplace bullying, and we received many comments and letters asking advice about similar situations that took place at other States. Here’s one example of a bitter published real incident:SophieWorkBully

I have been a manager with the company for longer than she has however she has been with the company 2 years longer than I have. I believe that she is intimidated because she has been with the company longer and I know more aspects of the business than she does. Recently our store manager resigned, now things were bad before she left but she tended to keep this manager in line for the most part.

Things have recently gotten out of control, we got a new store manager (who is someone that I’ve known and worked with for a long time) She is a bit of a pushover and doesn’t really do anything with any complaints that have come about. 

This manager is condescending, talks down to not only myself but a few other employees. She targets people that respect me as a manager and tries to pit us against each other. She falsely accuses myself and other employees of making statements or not being willing to help out. She recently told me that one of my backroom employees used a racial slur in the backroom and that I needed to have a conversation with her. I did speak with her and when…

Another example:

Need Advice, I am being bullied by a store manager at my retail workplace. I started working at a retail store a month or so ago and got hired on by the general manager who is the supervisor of the four store managers and everyone else. I get along fine with everyone with the exception of two of the store managers. The one that is really causing me issues though is an older heavyset woman in her 60s who seems to be grumpy and nasty in attitude all the time. She is rude to customers but seems to not be acting particularly shitty though to other employees….except me.

I am new to retail and this is my first ever retail job, I am 23 and had to take this job after going through ….. more

It is no longer about sexual harassment, it is rather about unhappy grumpy negative employees who suck the positive air out of your store to leave it gloomy and fill with bad lasing impressions. You shouldn’t be having this kind of person in your stores. It’s a negative continuous wave that would eat up your store eventually. 

In the past there used to be workplace romances going on, but nowadays it is only conflicts and overwhelming situations. Is this getting worse lately? May be yes, due to the pressure of life and the continuity of demanding more, but the reality is the bullying attitude is not justifiable no matter what, coz everyone has her/his share of battles in life.

Bullying at retail stores.

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