If it makes sense to you, then for sure we’re talking to you! 😉 Welcome back and thank you for being dear friends; especially our readers from the US, the UK, Australia, China, Canada, India, Germany, Brazil, Philippines, Italy, France, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine 😉

Don’t we have already too many people who are interested in sports or acting? Don’t you have kids that their brains went crazy about games online or in recreational place?

You introduced soccer, basketball, football, or others to them, so why is it hard for you to introduce astronomy, some simple scientific ideas about space, your planet, your other planets, your info about voyages to the moon, or voyages to outer space?

SophieAstroIt all starts with you! You are the parents, the teachers, the writers, the thinkers. You need to grab the attention of your kids with something fun and useful. You like them to live a good life. The only way to do that is to pave the way (their minds) to be ready for what is coming.

There could be some revolutionary era that would start soon out there. Many sources confirm that there is life outside your globe, and that there might be some forces that you are not aware of, but you need to be ready, so are your kids!

There is many unexplained seen objects in the sky, but it is surprising that your reaction is just watching as if it was a movie or a TV show. Where’s your curiosity? Where’s your interest to know about what is going on around you?

Qatar Airways

Becky said that “it does not mean that you’d be keeping your kid completely away from having some kind of entertainment, but you’d open the door for something greater than less important channels, and may be it would become as an entertainment for your child.”

It is true!

Until we talk again, keep your mind sharpened with new ideas via our topics, and our hugs and kisses


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