Astronomy for Your Kids!

Astronomy is such an important part of your life, you should introduce it as early as possible to your kids 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, Brazil, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Vietnam, India, and Italy 😉

It is time to have kids learn about astronomy early in life. Seth found that great site for kids. I admit it that it attracts your attention once you get there.

micro Kids features space news, information, games, animations and downloads for kids aged between 6 and 12. Kids will find coloring books, puzzles, quizzes, art galleries and downloads, as well as the latest space news.

Isn’t this marvelous? It’s time to be alert and to get your next generations ready for other planets. There’s plenty out there we know nothing about, and it takes more than one lifetime to catch up with all these strange daily updates on space.

Why should you encourage kids to get into astronomy? For many reasons; here’s few:

. Astronomy is fun:
Kids will tell you stories about stars, planets, moons, you wouldn’t imagine how rich their imagination at that age, which create a phenomena of endless inspirational new ideas. You’ll get them immersed into science without any concern. They love it.

. Astronomy, unlike other subjects, can become a hobby:
If students want to “go pro” they can invest in star charts, good binoculars, or an amateur telescope. They will have astronomy for a hobby rather than for anything else.
. Astronomy connects your kid to mathematics:
For the more ambitious students, Astronomy is a natural vehicle to get used to math. Applying Math and getting acquainted with navigation and time cycles. A natural deep relationship between astronomy and math.

. Astronomy gets kids outside the borders of a textbook:
It gives your kids a wider understanding. It removes the limits that are inserted into your mind when you were a kid. Your kid’s look to life would be completely changed and her/his ambition would be even greater than a normal suppressed kid.

. Astronomy will prepare your kids for any space surprises in the future:
Some will consider this the most important reason for your kids to know and study astronomy, but you actually should consider it among other great reasons astronomy has in itself.

[To be Continued]

Stick to our topics, and live with our letters. With our hugs and kisses

. Astronomy for Kids.
. For Teachers.


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