Make it Right!

Some things you think it is important, but it isn’t. You shouldn’t wait until  after it’s too late 😉 Thank you readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, Algeria, Kuwait, the UK, Italy, Mexico, China, Slovenia, India, and Chile 😉

A letter we received two days ago about the bad conditions of the associates who work day and night for just some fragments of earnings while other managerial personnel are getting millions of dollars just sitting in their fancy offices, planningfurther how to suck the blood out of every small employee under their control.


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The letter was signed by the “Secret Shopper”, who said:

“If you paid a visit to that TJ store you can observe a bustle of activity—not among the customers, rather among the employees, who were scanning, stocking and assisting the customers, but they were  acting as the walking dead.

In spite of the energy and skill these retail workers bring to their jobs, a survey conducted by RAP members found that many TJ Maxx employees across CA are making barely more than minimum wage. 

TJ employees are receiving inadequate schedules that change from week to week. In fact, every TJ Maxx worker we spoke to said they were sometimes or often scheduled for fewer hours than they would like. One worker said he only gets scheduled for three days a week even though he could work more. The store has a sign-up sheet for people to “volunteer” for hours, but there is no guarantee they will be scheduled for the times they request.

Corporations like TJ (whose CEO makes over $11 million by the way) are making it impossible for retail workers to balance a work and a home life. Why are they paid all that money, while their workers, who clean the restrooms and carry the garbage away in bins earn only $10/hour. 

How could that be fair? Who can make it right?”

We published the letter that we received from a secret shopper, who promised us to write more unknown things about what is going on in TJ.

Thanks for being here tonight, and until we talk again, stay cool with out hugs and kisses ❤

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