Netflix, Why?!

Action is inevitable! Do something if silence is no longer acceptable by you 😉 Welcome back our dear readers and friends from the US, Algeria, Slovenia, and India 😉

Following up with our yesterday’s post, we were so eager to watch that movie. We invited few friends and had some nuts and drinks for having a great entertainment time, expecting to watch a special movie, after what we read about it online by one of the bloggers.

The  words were so deceiving that we anticipated an unparalleled movie but it was a shock from start to end. That was the ghostly entertainment we talked about yesterday. Unfortunately, the movie was a “Netflix” production and it was a disaster by all means. 

Is Netflix dying? This movie is one of these dying symptoms. If Netflix continues to produce such terrible movies, it definitely means its death.

We wonder what were the elements of that huge failure to that movie, and my friends came up with a number of points:

. The unnecessary darkness in many of the scenes.

. The unclear theme as if it was improvised on the spot without any certain direction.

. The fable characters.

. The camera positioning.

. The order of the scenes was so bizarre.

Almost everything in the movie was not studied well before being implemented. gostlyYou would either turn it off and look for something else, or you would fall asleep by its very first scenes with no entertainment gained.

Our advice, contrary to a comment appeared online few days ago, for watching: “I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House” is not even to try to read anything about it. It’s by far the worst experience in all movies we have ever watched.

Sure there is more to talk about, but may be it would be about a better movie in our next critique!

Thank you for being here. Until we talk again, just try to catch up with other topics that you have missed. Stay cool with our hugs and kisses ❤


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