3rd Picture!

You need to admit it! I think I know why. 😉 Welcome back our dear readers and friends, and special thanks to our new readers from everywhere: the US, New Zealand, Algeria, India, Turkey, and Montenegro 😉


Is working under bad conditions better than no work?

No NO Nope!

It is not.

This brings us to picture no. 3 of our “Hunting Skills” post, which Russel, a friend of our site, sent to us. Russel explained that when he applied to that job, all he knew was that he would do some organizing jobs, stocking the products on the shelves, or do some backing up cashiering, or similar required tasks, as it was mentioned in the job description he read online.WorkersLocks-Sophie

The interview, as he elaborated, was simple: a one-to-one talk with the store manager. He asked him simple questions, if he worked before, and what kind of jobs he had been to before applying to that store. He was smiling at him making jokes and it was comforting to speak to the store manager in that simple welcoming way.

Russel decided to accept the job although the offer was only for the minimum wage, and as a seasonal temporary job. He said that he didn’t know what made him accept it, and that probably being out of work was the main factor. He didn’t want to continue to be unemployed. It felt bad for him, especially among his family. 

His siblings were giving him that look of “Why can’t you get a job?”, and it hurt him!

You can be in Russel’s place, taking the hints from your family members about not being employed, and even if you were employed sometimes they would still comment on your job, as if it was not good enough, and that you should be looking for something better.

You need to learn how to manage all these incoming thoughts to your own mind. Anyone around you would not understand where you are, and what is the real feeling inside of you towards any job. It is your own life. You need to be happy and excited when you go to work. Not so excited though like the beginning of a job, coz of course, that excitement fade away after few months or few years.

Back to Russel, he sent us that photo to show us how ugly the break room was. He wanted to resign, but if he did, it wouldn’t be easy to get into another job or another career. He didn’t want to go through that whole process again. He asked our advice.

If you read Russel’s story, pls send us your comment and how you see the best solution for him. It is not about Russel alone, it’s about everyone who is in his shoes. Your advice would be for all other employees who are in the same situation, where they dislike their workplace, and would like to know what to do.

It is totally up to you, we will depend on your comments!

Until we chat again, we expect you to actively respond to Russel, to ask question, to suggest solutions, or to simply comment, and be good to each other with our hugs and kisses

. Workplace solutions.

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