How To Be a Daredevil?

With what you have, you’re unhappy, while you’re happy with what you had, or what others have. Does it make any sense? 😉 Thank you and welcome to our world. We appreciate the glance that you take for our post, from everywhere in our beautiful Earth: the US, Germany, Ireland, and Brazil 😉

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What is a stuntman/woman? What is a stunt-person, a stunt-performer, or a daredevil? It is the person who performs or does all the dangerous scenes instead of an actor/actress. This may include a jump from a train/a car, being surrounded by fire, being exposed to some kind of explosion or heights, or others.

You can make about $250,000/ year, if you became known as a stunt-person to the people in this industry. Of course it is better to have another job until you’d become known.

Water skiing, climbing the side of a building, engaging in a street fight or a karate face-off etc. are cool and exciting enough on their own, but imagine having these thrilling actions being part of your career. Sounds good right? If so, then you may be the perfect stunt man (or stunt woman). However, being a stunt man isn’t about taking risks and living on the edge — it’s about managing risks, staying physically healthy, and, well, doing your job. More

We’ll talk more about it or about something weird. Until then, stay around our topics with our hugs and kisses

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