Diversity or Inclusion?!

Are you aware of diversity? It depends where you are! Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially the US, India, Romania, and Ukraine 😉

What is diversity? How can we best handle it? Does it exist only in the US or it is everywhere else? Why is it there? Does everyone have the same reaction towards diversity? Why some people oppose the word “diversity” and prefer to call it “inclusion”?

Lately, when you apply for a job or if you had an interview for a vacancy, most probably you would be asked about diversity, what it would mean to you, and how you would handle it.

I have no doubt that diversity exists but I have doubts about if many people really understand what it is. Probably the reason is that not too many would put enough time into it, so they deal with it theoretically rather than practically.Image result for we welcome all  people

Sure, we are all busy. Most of the week days, we are working hard, and we do not have enough sleep sometimes. The weekends have their schedule full of errands and family matters if any. As if there is no more spare time. Work! Work! Work!

For the sake of argument and for those who like to address this issue, we will go through its basics. As you all know it is better to talk about things rather than only listen.

Diversity is a reflection for our community or our society with its different traditions and cultures. Each one of us, as unique as we are, comes from different background which is somehow molded into another societal product changing our views for matters we care for in general and giving us also a sort of unannounced agreement on what we should do or accept and what we should not.

In our mixing up together, we constitute a genius melt-up to live in harmony and prosperity. Nevertheless differences in color, ethnicity, or others will continue to exist. They will not go away or disappear, but we manage to accept each other, to invite each other, to welcome each other,  and to have everyone feels that s/he is part of our community.

It is a kind of fusion. Right?! When you cannot accept others the way they are, this is when issues start to surface, and you will have to understand how to deal with diversity at this point. When you do not respect others, this is a big problem, simply because you treat people in a way that you wouldn’t like if you were in their shoes.

Diversity also means that we should always consider every group in our community and to let it have some  kind of representation. We cannot ignore the different cultures that live with us and certainly we cannot treat them badly or with bias. We should appreciate each one and everyone. 🙄

Hence, I would say that the key elements for good diversity is to be respectful, appreciative, positive, and encouraging to everyone with no exception. This is why some people encourage us to use the word “inclusion” instead of “diversity”. It feels warmer, fair, and loving!

This is where we stand and we hope that you support our viewpoint. Until we talk again, here’s our love and kisses ❤

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