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Thank you our new visitors, readers, n followers from the US, Canada, the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, France, Austria, Netherlands, n Nigeria  😉

Thank you our current readers and friends from everywhere. Oh my love, you wouldn’t believe how much I miss you  😉

People are so so smart, more than anyone can imagine. let me put it this way: underestimating people’s minds and thinking that you are smarter than any of them is a bad idea. If you were the smartest one on Earth, you’d be the one who thinks that others are always smarter. I’m here talking about the human beings not about any other creatures.

SophieCreations1Sometimes, smart or genius people do not know that they are bright or have a sharp vision more than others; sometimes, they would not believe it when you tell them about it.

For example, if someone tells you: “You are the smartest person I ever met.” You would probably answer: “Really, thanks.”, but how about if you were really a genius? A genius, in my definition, is the one who comes up with something nobody else had done before- creative mind.

So how about if your teacher gave you 20/20 for a picture that you drew in an art exam using a pencil, and one hour time limit to do that? Oh! What was it? A drawing subject: “Draw your way to school, or part of it.” One week later, the art teacher returned back to the class, distributing the drawings among the students, except that the 20/20’s paper, on which there was no name, was given to nobody!

The teacher asked who drew that picture ( I’m thinking about it now, I don’t know what was she thinking. I was the only person in her class who didn’t take the paper back?), but at that moment, I really was looking right and left to see who forgot to write his/her name on that page, haha! 

Image result for drawingOh! It was I. She did not return the paper to me though, she told me that she wanted to have it included in one of her art galleries or show events.  I said fine. It didn’t mean anything at all to me at that time.

I was a kid. I loved drawing but it was not a big deal for me to draw that road,  that square full of tiny heads of people, almost dots like people dispersed here and there, a cable car rails n people waiting at the station, some buildings scattered in various heights n shapes, statues, bikes, cars, a whole life there.

Now, I don’t think I can draw that picture again, you know why? Coz it is not vivid in my mind any more. It could be there, deep down in my old library. But I can’t reach it anymore. Only now, I knew why she was so impressed with that picture.  I hope I am right. When you look at the picture, you would know immediately where it is. The exact spot I was having on that paper was well-known, similar to NY Time Square.

If you are reading my story, now, my teacher, thank you. I never realized what you see in me. I never said thank you for your amazing enthusiasm for art. I never said enough “thank you” for your motivation and inspiration, but I loved you, and I still do.

My 1Zumba friend, Image result for drawingif the time went back,  I wonder if I would still see it the same way. Well, most probably I would, coz a kid’s mind is a kid’s mind, but the point is that your teachers can see your talents and qualities earlier than you do, n you should take the time in asking them why they see that in you. Saying thanks is nice but the nicer is to know more about yourself.

Probably you have a special talent in something that nobody else has. Instead of wasting your life, n seeking illusions, listen to older people, listen to any praise that you get from your teachers, or from people  you  trust, especially your mom.

No matter what differences you have with your mom, she is the only one in your life, who would truly care  about you, without expecting anything in return from you. She has completely pure love and care for you,  even if she pretends otherwise!

When we grow up, we mature, n have our independent lives, we see things differently, we would remember situations from our childhood , and the once unwanted memories of many instances would turn up to be more treasured than we ever imagined. Sometimes, we even wish to go back there, to make it up for people whom we loved and appreciated but never had a chance to say it to them.

Try to seize the moment, coz it might never come again! Money, power, properties, or anything else you own, would never compensate for real people’s love. The love that money can’t buy, the most precious one, 1Zumba lovers.

2016Today, and as we promised you yesterday, your 2016 1Zumba calendar is here today. If you wish to click on the link, you can copy, print, or save to your computer. I hope you’d like it 😉

There is another one for those who travel a lot, with the world’s map. If you like to ask me how to use it, you’re welcome. It’s simple, but useful for travelers, and it’s for the whole year. No worries, easy, fast, practical, you’d get it in a second, let alone for a whole year. So your 2016 will be only on one single page. Can you Image result for drawingimagine? Yes, I can, coz there are many profitable tricks that I apply, and it came to me over the years, it wasn’t there for me overnight. On the contrary, I went through a lot to gain a lot of experiences, sometimes I didn’t even seek them, but they happened to me.

I had a suggestion of making a calendar for subjects that you, 1Zumba friend, would love to know about, but, you see how hard it is to say that I am going to talk politics tomorrow. Sure, I have many suggested topics for a whole month not only for one day. But opposite to many other opinions, I am always unsure about tomorrow, may be coz in our Chemistry class, my teacher used to say: “Never be a 100% sure of anything. Always make the 99% is your highest possibility”.

I believed him. Therefore, my only highest 99% about tomorrow’s topic would be may be: 1Zumba Tomorrow! But, again, 1Zumba friend, who knows what tomorrow would bring  us: 1Zumba People  😉

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