1Zumba Calendar!

Dearest friends and readers from everywhere, especially our new followers  from the US, Spain, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Australia, Latvia, Chile, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, & Switzerland  😉


Baby, I do miss you like crazy! What should I do now, my Zumba friend? You’re absolutely right. I should keep myself busy, and write some more, why not?

Let me try my darling to do this, until I see you again  😉

First things first! Since we are in the second day of our new year, so we are back into business. Celebrations are put on a hold, for now, for more occasions to come. Therefore, you dear Zumba friend need to have a solid plan for your year, so am I.

I have a dear neighbor who used to ask me at the beginning of the year: “What’s on your calendar for this year?”, and I answered him most of the time: “I have to sit with myself first ,to give you a reply!” We laugh, coz it was the truth.

clSome people take a short cut; buy a monthly calendar n hang it on the walls; in the kitchen, the living area, or even the bedroom. Some use it in their offices or on their desks at work. What they do is that when they have an appointment, or a deadline for some work, they jot it down on that calendar, so they would keep their appointments or any other important dates. In some cases, a time frame will be drawn, etc.. Frankly speaking, I tried this method but it didn’t work for me, I was unsatisfied of its results.

Then it came to me, why not to try to be more aggressive and plan for the 52 weeks of the year, or the 366 days of the year on just one piece of paper. If I needed more details, I could use an agenda, or similar. Fifty two weeks sounded like a long time, but in reality you would find it flying a year after year.

cl4Anyway, I used to design calendars when I was a kid, but just for fun. I like drawing and art, creativity of artists nowadays take many shapes. I googled the calendars online, I found few interesting sites that help you make your own calendar, many of great artistic taste, with diversity of colors and purposes.

Here are some links:
– The importance of calendar for community, for company, n for you as an individual.

– Planning n developing strategy, creating a framework for ideas to start popping in you head, helping you stay more consistent. http://bizgonesocial.com/the-importance-of-a-social-media-content-calendar/

– Example of Australia Calendar
https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/settlement-and-multicultural affairs/programs-policy/a-multicultural-australia/government-building-social-cohesion/calendar-of-cultural-and-religious-dates

However, I could not find what I had in mind, coz I was looking for one which had all the days running after each other, not necessarily interrupted by the beginning of each month.

winAfter my Zumba Class, When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I made one myself, just to show you how it worked best for me. If you like it, you are welcome to copy it, and enlarge it. You would simply get what I mean, when you do that. I hope that it would be as useful to you, as it is very inspiring and helpful for me.

We will  post tomorrow our 1zumba.com  special calendar; it will be available for downloading if you like it. Until then, be patient for your surprise!

My Zumba friend, I will keep using my vertical Zumba until our next class, I hope there would be a new song that I like this week, to cheer up with you our Zumba Calendar  😉

Love you all folks, keep busy  😉

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