Go Go 1Zumba’s Here

Thanks for our current readers from everywhere, and thanks for our new friends n visitors from  the US,the UK, Germany, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Azerbaijan, New Zealand, & Sweden  😉


We will be brief today, coz we have piles of projects to work on, but the most important thing  is that, at last, Go Go Boy blog continuation is here; few technical issues kept it delayed, but here it is.

1st invwAs we have introduced Stephen Toby before, a brilliant certified Zumba instructor, active in In-Shape, 24 hrs Fitness, & others- all of them in the Bay Area, CA. We gladly, present that first recording, proceeded our interview with Toby. Yes! There was a short oral interview, in which he answered few questions about how he became a Zumba instructor, n what kind of difficulties got in his way, n how he handled n overcome all those kinds of situations.

Thank you Toby for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your 1st recording with our friends and followers from everywhere in our world. Thank you 1zumba.com team for your audio-video special efforts and time.


I hope that everyone would share his/her/hx experience with us as Toby, and other superstars did.

May be soon, we will be having another special by another one of your beloved superstars. Our very special today Go Go 1Zumba’s Here  😉

Until then, we love you all. We appreciate your visits for our pages, n your dear fantastic smart comments 😉

N.B.  The sexual harassment accusation’s situation will be told to you by Toby in his next recording. Yep! Big Shock!

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