Our dearest new friends from the US, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Canada, the UK, n Trinidad & Tobago, we love you so much  😉

Our fabulous current readers, visitors, & followers from everywhere, we appreciate your time, and we are here for you every moment, just remember you have us waiting for you here  😉

Many things need to be said and done in a very short time, n here i am trying v hard to do that, but it is non-stoppable or unstoppable more professionally-speaking. So what is it that you want me to do then, my dearest Z F?
ZF – “Just keep up the good work!”
S – “How about if it was not good enough for me?”
ZF – ” Just remember what we agreed upon: take it easy, n be nice to yourself!”
S – “Ok, I’ll try my best, and it always works the best 😉

Let’s have a fresh start, and remember that the best thing to do is to invest in yourself  for every step of the way!

For example, yesterday I invested in myself by attending my fitness class.  Oh, we had a new 1Zumba song, we all enjoyed it, and Bonnie had a lot of fun. After we left the class, I thought in my way home; we were given abundant blessings, but we didn’t take the time to appreciate them. Do you do that?

Do you take all your given blessings for granted? You are busy with meaningless issues, many of you are missing the good part of life. Look around you when you go to work, school, or any other place. Look at nature, watch it, and feel how everything goes in harmony continuously.

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Try to listen to the rhythm of life and go with it. If you saw something nice n you wanted to take a picture for it, just stop there and take a picture. Take your time in contemplating the blessings around you. How beautiful and great a butterfly is, but can you make one yourself? Can you create a fly? Can you take back anything that a fly took from us? Are you quite sure about what a butterfly can do? Oh God, how weak you are! That is good enough reason for  you should to humble yourself.

snAll of us- students– were too impressed by Prof. M. Sandel, a Harvard famous teacher. He was the greatest man of words, he knew what he was talking about back n forth. The terminology he used in his class of Justice were fabulous. I was among the luckiest to be one of  his students , being a fan of legal matters.

However, enjoying that class, would depend on, if you were interested in: 1- using very specified terminology related to legal matters. 2-continuously attending each class, since they are intricately built upon each other, 3- willing to meet the challenges of answering questions that did not have an answer.

In one of the Prof’s interviews, the show host told him: Pls no Gibberish, simple language, coz he couldn’t understand what the Prof was saying, n I thought that, it was unprofessional and rude, coz, if you’re hosting someone in your show, you’ve got to be totally ready for that person. Anyway, among the topics that fascinated us was the question of “What’s the Right Thing To Do?”: Would you steal a drug that your child needs to survive? Is it sometimes wrong to tell the truth? How much is one human life worth

Oh! So what brought us to this point? Yes, of course, I made an investment in myself, by enjoying the challenges of that class, and listening to others’ viewpoints and respect them. You should too! Not necessarily this class, but try to add a piece of lovely info to your own mind’s library  🙂

sportsI understand that life is not always rosy. Yes, there is many frustrations in life, T-Mobile is one of them for so many. But let your frustrations be your bullets for motivation, for doing something outstanding nobody else can do.

Let it be your ignite for something great in life. Let it be not a reason for denying others the courtesy of saying thank you for them. No matter how little they give you, and giving here means not only materialistic items, but also care, love, even a smile would count, haha!

The saying of the day: “When you’re clever, I would love you forever”! And I do, I do, I do, I do, as Abba sing their famous song. Our friends, this is our list of some 1Zumba songs, if you want to be inspired by any of them, you’re welcome. That was our Cocktail for the day, enjoy.

Until we chat again, it’s time for you to check on your missed topics, you really want to do this now, with our hugs and kisses


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