1Zumba New?

Thanks for everyone who loves us and reads what we post and between the lines, especially our new visitors and followers from everywhere including Germany, the US, Moldova, the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, Netherlands,  and Canada  😉

Welcome to our world  😉

You know how weekdays are, don’t you? They pass fast, and you never finish everything you planned to do, except the recreational part for sure, haha!

cocoaI have just tried to drink a combination of coffee, and coco; it was no good. Unfortunately, sometimes, you need to try new things even if they were bitter, or that is me, and people like me. From time to time, I try to come up with a new drink, so I mix up two ingredients together. Sometimes it tastes nice  😉

Why do we like new things?

When I made a google search, it came up with 2340,000,000 million options, but after the 1st page, it was not about what I was looking for at all, it was about new i-phones. Amazing, right?! Searching machines now start re-directing your requests, so you’ve got to be focusing to revert that operation every time it happens.

ourBrainAnswering our question: researchers say that our brains are looking for novelty continuously. Our memory is working hard on adding new things.

Although no other species can rival our capacity to explore and experiment with the new, we individuals vary in how we balance the conflicting needs to avoid risk and approach rewards. Most of us are moderate “neophiles”; but some 15% of us are die-hard “neophiliacs”, who have an innate passion for new experiences, and another 15% are cautious “neuphobes,” who try to steer clear of them – a 1:5:1 ratio that benefits the group’s well being.

brWherever you sit on the continuum, New shows you how to use this special human gift to navigate more skillfully through our rapidly changing world by focusing on the new things that really matters. 

Why? It’s an enormous question, tomorrow, we would talk about it further more. Why do we like or dislike others? Dr. Jeanne Tsai answered that question for us through her recent research

Just be careful, coz new things do not work for everyone. Consider the usefulness first before you step any further into new path. Consider your inner intuition: is it right for you my 1Zumba friend, or just another 1Zumba New?

Thanks for being with us today, and thanks for your emails and comments. Keep in touch, and until tomorrow, Good Bye 😉

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