Your Fitness!

You’re reaching for the sky! 😉 Hello everyone from the US, India, Kenya, Poland, South Africa, and Chile 😉

Welcome to your site. You will have fun with our new post, and you’ll be inspired with all kinds of new ideas. Remember that all what you need is one idea.

The relationship between your physical exercise and getting smarter with your studies has become a proven theory since its research has been conducted in IL and proved to be right.

The logic behind that assumption was that when you exercise, your body creates a certain stimulus (chemical) in your body that facilitates the connections between SophieFitnessyour brain’s cells, which makes you smarter.

Without exercise, you may feel lazy and not in a mood for study or feel that the educational materials are hard to understand. In addition, your fitness will be seriously affected. When your fitness is gone and you are not in a good shape, many other results will affect your body and your mind as well.

After the hypothesis was tested and succeeded, there is no excuse for you or your kids not to exercise, and that is if you want to attain more brain energy.

Thus, it is no longer the study of your courses in itself that would lead to your higher scores but also exercise. There is no specific type of exercise was mentioned in that study which made it even better for you. It’s open to any kind of exercise: walking, running, hiking, dancing, playing basketball, or any other kind of exercise you prefer.

Why the wait? Do it now and today!

Until we talk again, get to check on our topics, I bet you’d find your new idea with our hugs and kisses


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