Flying Cars!

Many times you’ll try to save, but you’ll end up paying more! 😉 Thanks for the US, Brazil, India, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and Singapore 😉

We are about to publish our special star interview, but its editing hasn’t finished yet. That is why we switch to this new traffic-solution topic.

Do you get angry when you hit a red light after a red light, sitting behind your wheel, thinking of what you’re going to do when you get to work, or when you get home? Did you feel your eyes are tired and your brain just wish for a solution to save you from this endless traffic jam?

Driving in CA is a mixture of pleasure and frustration. At peak times, our highways are packed with vehicles moving at 5 m/hr which is really a dilemma, the least to say.

Being late to work or to get home and enjoy the rest of your day after a long day work is undesirable but it keeps happening time after time.

Sitting amidst a sea of cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic on an endless expressway, have you ever daydreamed about your car taking off and flying over the road? Imagine if you could just flip a switch and unshackle yourself from the asphalt!

Traffic jams are the bane of any commuter. Many of us spend an hour or so stuck in traffic every week. The growing population is partly to blame for our congested roads, but the main problem is that we are not expanding our transportation systems fast enough to meet ever increasing demands.

Here’s the news: there were others who thought about that traffic jam and they found some solution or created a number of solutions.

One solution was to create a new type of transportation that didn’t rely on roads, which hopefully would be the end for your traffic problems . That came in the shape of a flying car.

Image result for flying cars

Do you think that a flying car would be an actual solution for all kinds of traffic jams that we face in densely-populated areas? 

Laticia, Sakrapee, and Helen (all grad students) thought that it was a great idea and a real solution for faster commuting. Instead of spending two hours or more in the Bart, you can use a flying car, taking three more passengers with you.

The most interesting part about this new transportation method is that soon enough and available for your convenience, a flying Taxi has already started its testing phase, and you would be able to reserve online. More

Until we talk again, keep digging deeper into our topics with our hugs and kisses


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