Your Super SuperStar, P. Leatha!

When it’s time, it would come to you! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Ireland, Singapore, Kenya, Philippines, the UK, Cambodia, Italy, and Saudi Arabia 😉

We wanted to start this year 2018 for 7000 SuperStars with a special interview. Actually we hoped for an extraordinary interview! Lastly, we got the one that exceeded our expectations, coz it had to do with a unique artist, who has been in the world of singing for all his life!

I was very lucky to meet with that great talent in the entertainment business. I never expected to meet with one of the greatest band leaders who has a history full of success, excitement, and cheerfulness.

The name is Patton Leatha or Duane Patton.

And his band name is Patton Leatha!

This interview was a face-to-face interview where I met with Duane Patton. Mr. Leatha is a very nice personality with smiling air most of the time.

From his public online biography:

Duane Patton, creator of Patton Leatha, was born and raised in Richmond, California in the San Francisco Bay area. His interest in music began at the early age of 11 and started in a garage band.

As his musical talent evolved, Duane was signed to CBS Records in the late 70’s and was produced by Henry Crosby who has produced for both Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. He was signed as a recording artist and was lead singer of the group “The Together Band”. 

During this time he also performed at the CBS Artist Conventions with notable recording artists including Barbara Streisand and Earth, Wind and Fire. He has also opened for The Whispers, James Brown, Phyllis Hyman, Johnny Taylor, duaneToni Tony Tone and many other recording artists.In the late 80’s, he was signed with Holland Dozier. Holland as an artist, songwriter and producer. He received a platinum CD for his performance on the “Too Short American Music nominated song, “The Ghetto”. Duane also appeared on the popular “Nia Peoples Show”. In 1996, he began to perform on the Casino Circuit throughout the United States, which has also included the popular showrooms of Reno and Las Vegas casinos.

Asking him the following questions and he kindly responded precisely to each:

. How would you like to introduce yourself to our audience?

Patton Leatha, the founder and leader of Patton Leatha band.

Duane with James Brown. What do you consider yourself?

Of course artist and singer. 

. When did you start your journey in the music world?

At the age of 11 with the “Together Band”. Guess with who? With James Brown

. OMG! How long have you spent with the Together Band?

Continued until adulthood.

. Do they still exist?

Yes, they do; and probably we would have some new upcoming work together soon. 

Duane 1st band.jpg. What did you do after that?

Another band was formed in the year 2000 with 7 members.

. You released two albums: one solo and one with your band, what are they called?

Press this link to get to the “Treasure” songs.

. Were they successful?

Sure it was great experience.

SophieDuaneInterview2018. What did you do for your new band?

I put everything I learned over the years as far as putting a show together.

. Where do you perform or have performed in the past?

Las Vegas casinos, MGM, Caesars Palace, Harrison Tahoe, Circus Circus, Silver Legacy (Reno), Peppermill, Eldorado, Cash Creek, Thunder Valley Casino, and others.

. Who produced the Japan trip/album?

J. Logan and Steve Williams.

. What difficulties you had to face while abroad?

Keeping the whole band together. Once they succeed everyone think they can do their own. Also, missing family and couple of my relatives passed away and I couldn’t attend being far away. It was devastating.

. Did you earn any rewards?

Yes, by the American Music Awards. A platinum album.

. Do you like your kids to be in this career? Why?Duane with Vanessa

Not really, they are grown ups now, and they chose other careers, except the youngest one who showed some tendency to be in this business. It’s a tough business.

Duane Night Club. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Producing and song writing.

. Who was you inspiration in this field?

Plenty of people: James Brown, Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder, Elvis Presley, Vanessa Williams, and all others.

I think that we better have a series of chatting episodes with you. Your songs are fabulous, so is your talk. We would like to have a promise that there will be more chatting with you in the near future.

. Agreed?!

Thank you so much for answering our questions, and thank you for sharing your experiences with your fans and our readers and friends. We hope to see you soon again.

Until then, friends, keep reading our stories, send your comments, and connect with us via our topics, always with our hugs and kisses


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