Underwater Drones!

It’s time to embrace your new era of drones! I told you so! 😉 Welcome back and thanks dear friends and readers from the US, India, Ukraine, Mozambique, Russia, Brazil, Greece, the UK, Ireland, Canada, the UAE, and Australia. 😉

Well, what now?

It’s a new world full of drones!

It seems that the usage of drones has extended to all facets of life. You may like the kinds that are used in peace rather than in war, don’t you?

Sure, human being like other human beings to live in peace. You wish and we wish too that that would be the policy of the world’s leaders, but the truth is that there is a lot of fear and …

Do you think that people can convince their leaders to stop fighting and to help each other instead of killing each other?

Some of the drones are used for the purpose of peace, but others are used to kill more people, and to hit the targets, no matter what: killing kids, mothers, youth, or seniors. It is so cruel. And the money they put in buying these tools come from your own pocket; in other words, from your taxes. 

Nevertheless, you would still admire the creativity and the mindset which came up with these types of drones, no matter what the purpose of the drone is. This is true!

The underwater world is not explored quite well yet, but with the ability of drones, we can discover the very deep seas, where a lot of fortunes exist. May be it will be a new tool for those who are seeking underwater fortunes!

ACTUV ship droneAs for the Navy, they will have their own programs, which will have drones’ operations specially tailored according to their fields of operations:

Unlike a flying drone which requires a pilot to monitor and strike targets, the ACTUV doesn’t require an operator.

“This is a brave new world we’re embarking on,” Ed Hoak, program manager for Raytheon told Business Insider. “How do you take something that has been operator intensive and take that operator out of the loop?”

Until we talk again, hang around our topics where you’d find more, with our hugs and kisses

. Navy Submarines


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