Heat Tips!

You are so right, but giving your spot to someone else will diminish your success! 😉 Heat seems to be like a trend in many places all over the world. Therefore, you need to use as many heat tips as possible to survive this weather. 🙄 It is very important to wear light clothes, as … More Heat Tips!

Heat Wheel!

What a journey! 😉 Thanks for making us a part of your day and we hope that we deliver something of enjoyment and welfare to you. Welcome back friends from the US, Azerbaijan, Mauritius, the UK, India, Malaysia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, China, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Bulgaria, Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Germany, Canada, Austria, Thailand, Ireland, Cameroon, … More Heat Wheel!

Heat Solution!

Welcome back friends! 😉 Why neglecting such  important studies which can change the world’s heat problem? Of course, AC business does not want any of these facts reach the people and let them think seriously about a feasible solution, but how about the scientists, the researchers, and the inventors? What make them slow about it? … More Heat Solution!

Underwater Drones!

It’s time to embrace your new era of drones! I told you so! 😉 Welcome back and thanks dear friends and readers from the US, India, Ukraine, Mozambique, Russia, Brazil, Greece, the UK, Ireland, Canada, the UAE, and Australia. 😉 Well, what now? It’s a new world full of drones! It seems that the usage … More Underwater Drones!