New Remote!

Strange things will happen and you can only watch! 😉

Why didn’t you hear about the magical TV remote which blacken your screen once any commercials is being imposed on you.

It is not invented yet, maybe? Try again. It’s just a small button on your remote and it will do the job. 

Maybe it is difficult to sense the commercials number or length. NO it’s not that at all. It is said that it was already invented and created, but TV commercials oppose that. Maybe it’s a lie why would they do that? It is good to sell more special remotes than ever.

Remote ControlThis will be really the magic remote. Imagine this: you’re watching your TV and when there is some imposed commercials, you press the button and your screen becomes black then it turns back to its normal status once the 22 Geeky Remote Controlscommercials are done. Fantastic!

Of course you’ve heard about the apps that silence the commercials on your TV and the ones that steal your info and re-route it to interested parties. It is time to hear about the commercials control button, isn’t it?

front-ealarmgpsUntil we chat again, if you got inspired via our updated topics , share pls. with our hugs and kisses

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