Think Better of Yourself!

Everyone fights his battles but the real battle is in your mind! 😉 

istock_businessmentalking_350Sometimes you try to escape from the present you live thinking that there are better living for you somewhere else, but the truth is that your present is the best present that you could ever have.

psychologist Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, found that Midwesterners expected ….. Moving scrubs us of our social capital—those close relationships…… more

Uncategorized – TheLittleweirdoIf you moved to a new place where you thought that you’d be happier, soon you’ll find out that you miss the place you used to walk to or the store your friend used to work at, etc.

Where did you get this thought from? Why somewhere else could be better for you living? it is absurd. it is all in your mind. It is all assumptions that are not verified.

Dearest friends everywhere, it is great to know new friends every single day; therefore, we thank everyone of you who spend few moments feeling our words. Our special thanks go for friends from the US, the UK, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Pakistan,, Netherlands, China, Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, Peru, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Indonesia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Japan, Turkey, Italy, UAE, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Colombia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Jamaica,  Malaysia,  Germany, Philippines, Kenya,  Australia, South Korea,  Uruguay, Poland, Vietnam,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Brazil,  Estonia, Bulgaria, Indonesia,  Egypt, Argentina, Serbia, Israel, Belgium, Cameroon, Martinique, Greece, Bangladesh,  Kyrgyzstan,  Spain, Slovenia,  Turkey, Japan, Kazakhstan, , Poland, Ireland,  Nepal, Panama,  Chile,  Finland,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Jamaica, Ecuador, Kuwait,  Croatia, Romania,  the UAE, Netherlands,  Uruguay, Pakistan, Thailand, Bolivia, Trinidad &  Tobago, Vietnam,  Paraguay, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia,  Hong Kong, Norway,  Hungary, Latvia,  Puerto Rico, Singapore,   Georgia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Austria, Uzbekistan, Bahrain,  Cyprus,  Qatar, Tanzania, New Zealand,  Iraq, Costa Rica, Mauritius, American Samoa, Congo- Kinshasa,  El Salvador,  Réunion, Nepal,  Belarus,  Cambodia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, and all!
Until we talk again, appreciate yourself and join us, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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