Think Better of Yourself³!

You never know where life will take you! 😉  Sometimes it is tough to show your children a good quality in you that they can not see. Then it comes to you.          You remembered when you were in middle school and you had a basketball team exactly five players. While your … More Think Better of Yourself³!

Family Feud!

You are alive, breathe and enjoy! 😉  “Family Feud” is an American game show which is been on TV channels since 1976. It is quite interesting entertaining show with its famous host Steve Harvey. This American TV game show can give you (if you win) a huge amount of money and/or with big rewards such … More Family Feud!

Online Games!

Sometimes the answer is as simple as it seems! 😉  “Games” is a very widely complicated words since it covers quite an expanding range. A new site is under prep, where many games will be introduced to you, to see if you’d like it or not. Maybe this was mentioned before. If it was, this … More Online Games!

Wheel of Fortune!

You have a great heart, keep all your goodness on! 😉  “Wheel of Fortune” is an American game show which is been on TV channels since 1975. If you are unfamiliar with it, try to watch one, you might be more entertained than watching a movie for this weekend. There are many game shows on … More Wheel of Fortune!

Be Prepared!

Almost everything you do needs prep except love! 😉  Have you ever felt the difference in your performance when you are ready for something and when you are not? When a teacher prepared his lessons at any level or a professor prepared her lectures or a salesman prepared his presentation, it makes all the difference … More Be Prepared!