Heat Wheel!

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Any electric machine produces heat. Can you see now how the huge machines that work everywhere in your world could affect your weather? It doesn’t take any high IQ to be able to see that.

Does electricity generate heat?
In metal conductors, electrical current flows due to the exchange of electrons between atoms. As electrons move through a metal conductor, some collide with atoms, other electrons or impurities. These collisions cause resistance and generate heat. Jun 17, 2019

Therefore, in addition to all the heat that comes from your huge buildings using central cooling/heating systems, all other machines small or big also produce heat. You do not need to go to a lab and do any experiment to understand that. Turn your TV on and try to come closer to where it is and feel the heat yourself. That goes to every single machine you use inside your home.

Photograph of the thermionic generator at a high temperatureYou can apply this rule towards every machine in hospitals in airports in theaters you name it, yet again the focus is on the climate change. The climate is not changing the climate is adjusting to all the new human tools that are used everywhere in space on land everywhere.

The solution is in getting rid of as many electric tools as possible. You can produce other kinds of machines that do not necessarily require electricity so that the heat wouldn’t spread more. Or you can invent a machine that can suck/turn your heat into used power.

In old days, people live on primitive tools using wood. They didn’t know about other sources of energy, but now with all the new scientific knowledge that you have, you can do better. You can find solutions that reduce the heat that is coming from every machine that you use.

Do you know if rockets affect your weather or not? Do you know if all the space experiments could cause damage for your weather or not? Of course it would. Simply because all the natural dimensional calculations are disturbed and disrupted by humans.
Remember in old days when a cow runs a wooden wheel for land irrigation. How smart that was! 🙄How Water Wheels Changed The Whole Village's Life
It is not bad to seek advancement in different fields but what is bad is not to include in your calculations the side effects of your tools, and then later on you’d cry for waves of heat and the change in climate.

Until we chat again, contemplate in your globe and appreciate what you have and read here more with our hugs and kisses ❤

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