The Best Day!

Welcome back wonderful friends everywhere! 😉

Three stories are her to tell but each one of them will take a whole post and all are tempting. Maybe this one will make you think a little bit more:

Every morning for the last two weeks,  a new poster is hung in the elevator. Everyone is talking about it but nobody knows so far what it is about. There was no explanation or a hint given by the property manager.

Therefore, every resident makes a guess but in the back of their minds they keep thinking more and more. It is no surprise because it must be a new campaign for a product or a service. But no-one really know.

Here’s some samples of that ad. for you to make your bet! 😆

It is good that it sounds cheerful, optimistic, and promising something big; on the other hand, it would be depressing if it didn’t deliver whatever promise it is giving to people.

Until we chat again, why don’t you share something about yourself with us or send a question/comment with our hugs and kisses ❤

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