It is good to explore to a certain extent! 😉 Here you go again nice friends everywhere: the US, India, Colombia, France, Malaysia, Poland, the UK, Germany, and all, thanks for being here! 😉

Top 100 Funny Jokes | Being FunnyHow odd it is when you start thinking of all these thoughts that come to your mind without any control on your part. Sometimes, it makes you tired and you want to stop it but you can’t. All you can do is to distract yourself with another stream of thoughts and you think that you were the one who made that decision not your brain.

The truth is that what took place (that distraction) you thought that you chose , it was not yours. It was still the many streams you had coming from your brain, would that made curious to read or how your brain worked? 🙄

It is strange that you do not think enough any more. My daughter had a visit for her dentist lately and she said: “Mom, I haven’t seen any of the people who were at the dentist ask the nurse about Facebookanything. She gave them a ton of papers and forms to fill in and each one of them sat down trying to fill in as many as possible as if they were in a test. It looked like working machines….”.

What happened? Life is drained out of humans filling in forms giving their data to anyone who ask for it. Why are they so submissive? What killed life in people like that? I bet if you asked that question not too many will be willing even to talk about it. They are so exhausted.

See the source imageUntil we chat again, think of rivers and how great they are, think of mountains with our hugs and kisses ❤
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