In Your 40s?!

Life is good to you just pay more attention! 😉 Welcome back lovely friends from the US, Mexico, Hungary, Nigeria, France, Germany, Japan, Romania, Canada, China, India, and all! 😉

It is amazing how you are. If you reach your forties, it is time to do all of your postponed projects, don’t you think so?

sophieorientexpress5If you wanted to taste a specific food, drink, or anything else, go ahead and do it unless it is a harmful element. If you want to watch a movie a classic movie and you kept saying to yourself there is no time, now is the time.

You are in your 40s, celebrate that. it is the age of wisdom or the start of wisdom. Use it and stop procrastination. Make the word procrastination an invalid input in your life. It shouldn’t exist in your life anymore.

No more. Do you remember “No More” the famous song by Elvis? Here’s 39 things you can do when you get there (here).

Great news: In your 40s, you’ll start seeing everything around you differently so be ready for that. You will change your mind about too too many things, you wouldn’t imagine what will happen to you.

Keep reminding yourself that you are not going to be youth forever or baby forever 😆 it’s hard coz years run and slip away from among your fingers no matter how hard you try. Years will laugh at you, but if you understand clearly the way it is, you will do better than others. Do not let time fool you 🙂

Until we chat again, keep looking at your favorite pages and posts you’ll get a variety of thoughts you wouldn’t get anywhere else, with our hugs and kisses ❤SOUL

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